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Welcome to Catz in the Kitchen! We hope you enjoy reading about and participating in our culinary adventures as much as we enjoy sharing them! Our goal and desire in creating Catz is simple – to further our family’s knowledge and enjoyment of cooking together, and to enable other families to do the same. We aren’t trained cooks or experts in the culinary arts by any stretch of the imagination, but we believe that if we keep practicing, and keep trying new things, we’ll continue to get better!

Though Chels does the lion’s share of the posting here, as a couple, we have found cooking together to be an incredibly romantic and productive way to spend time and energy. Over the decade we’ve been married and cooking together, we have grown closer, become better partners, and learned more about each other along the way. Creating a meal together, be it gourmet or simply creative or daring, is a beautiful and gratifying thing to do – and then there’s the actual treat of eating it together at the end!

As a family, we’ve discovered that putting real thought and effort into the food we eat and the meals we prepare allows the appreciation of good food and the work behind it to trickle down to our children. We take a decent amount of pride in the fact that our girls (Grace, ten, and Eden, six) will eat absolutely anything we put in front of them – and most of the time they enjoy it! Oftentimes the first question they ask us in the morning is “What’s for dinner?” We love that! Our new little guy is only a couple of years old (Christian), but he’s learning already! Mealtime, especially the evening meal, is a wonderful time for the family to come together and appreciate the work that one or two family members have done for everyone’s benefit.

You’ll notice that we are a little heavy on Italian and Mexican recipes – we can’t help it; they’re just so good! – but we try to be as open-minded as possible. Chels likes to dabble in desserts, while Josh loves to grill as often as possible during the dry season. We’re a budget-consicous family, so you’ll generally find our recipes financially economical. We also love to try to imitate and improve on meals that we enjoy at restaurants, so you’ll see a bit of that as well.

We hope you enjoy your time here at Catz – we would welcome your thoughts and feedback anytime! Leave a comment on any individual post, or reach out to us on Twitter. Catz is @KitchenCatz, Chels is @ChelsHeartsJosh, and Josh is @jsrief. Oh, why Catz? Well, cats have just kind of always been our thing. We only have one (Noel), but we do love felines. Now, back to the cooking!

Chels & Josh Rief



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