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About Catz

Hi! I’m Chels, wife to Josh, mother to Gracie, Edie, Christian, and Ruby, “cat mom” to Audrey, native Oregonian, book worm, bargain hunter, and lover of teacups with saucers! Most days, you’ll find me in or near the kitchen – either that or at my desk one room over! No doubt about it – the kitchen is the center of our little household. I believe cooking together and eating together helps keep us together!

Why do I write here at Catz? It’s simple really – we’re all busy. We have work, school, commutes, sports, church, family, friends, holidays, birthdays…the list goes on…and too often, it’s easy to lose quality time together as a family. Time to talk, time to laugh, time to sort out problems, share successes, and gather advice. But there’s a great place to make that time, each and every day – around the table.

The table – especially the dinner table – is a such a natural gathering place. So, sometime around 2010, I decided to make a real effort to make my table a place my family would want to gather, a place they would look forward to gathering.

A place they could always find love – around the table. 

Hopefully it goes without saying that this is a work in progress, and probably always will be! There are plenty of nights when we just don’t feel like cooking (yes, it’s a joint effort – Josh loves to cook as much as I do!), and still some nights when we cave and pick up hamburgers or a pizza. However, there aren’t too many that we don’t share together, regardless of what’s on the menu. Dinnertime has become what I hoped it would be – a time when we all look forward to stopping whatever else we happen to be involved in, sitting down, and spending a little time together.

Now, as to the food, we aren’t trained cooks or experts in the culinary arts by any stretch of the imagination, but we believe that if we keep practicing, and keep trying new things, we’ll continue to get better! Whenever possible, we cook together, sometimes with the kids, and that’s just even more quality time!

So, what’s my hope in writing Catz? I hope that I can be some small part of helping you make this time for your family, too. Time together. Time to find love around the table.