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Weekly Menu 6/22-6/28

I am really hoping I do get to the grocery store today…however, I am not at all sure how realistic it is. My husband’s grandparents and Aunt and Uncle are flying into SeaTac tomorrow from Africa. Yes, Africa…they are missionaries in Malawi and Liberia and we only get to see them once a year or in the case of Josh’s aunt and uncle, every few years. So even though I know I need to have a dinner menu planned out…( I hate to assume I won’t be cooking) I don’t expect I will be cooking much at home from Thursday on to much. When family is in town…Josh and I make the effort to get as much time with them as possible. This next week and a half will probably result in a lot of gas…were driving 40miles round trip and very late nights for the kids and Josh. But in the end…it’s worth all the gas and the coma-like days to be able to make memories with family.  So here is what I have thus far…

Steak marinated in a baja chipoltle sauce, corn on the cob,
Cheddar potato bake, and crescent rolls( Josh wanted those)
Grilled Chicken Drumsticks marinated in a honey mustard sauce (it’s so good)
leftover potato bake, and green beans
Ground Turkey Quesadillas filled with veggies and cheeses
(here’s where it get’s tricky)
Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs, rice, and a veggie ( not sure)
Breakfast Burritos
I don’t really think I’ll be cooking at all today. Josh and I will be spending the day with my in-laws at the home school conference in Portland
Generally, on Sundays we have Pizza…but I imagine it will be Pizza with the Family
Haha…not a clue, perhaps one of the previous 
Like I said, a bit of uncertainty with the meal planning this week. But I think us menu planning woman can handle life’s curve balls right? I know it’s a good exercise in relinquishing my control on every area of my life, haha! Because of family being in town…I’m not sure how much time I will have to blog some of the meals and what not. I do plan on doing a Kitchen Item of the week and of course my Food Network Star recap, and I have a new “How To”…but aside from that…there probably won’t be much…unless I can get Josh to do another Guest Blog. Last Friday, he made some amazing Burgers and the pictures (he took) look amazing! I’ll do my best to get that post up for you all! 
Have a great week everyone!!