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Weekly Menu 11/22-11/27

How was everyone’s weekend?

Our was really good and really busy. Saturday morning, Joss, Gracie and I had dentist appointments and a birthday party that evening. Sunday morning we had church, followed by our Praise Him Potluck and then another birthday party in the evening. It made for a very long day and a very quick weekend.

Gracie lost her 3rd tooth last night at dinner. That was very exciting for her. She was so excited and proud of herself for not freaking out over the little bit of blood and no tears. So the Tooth Fairy had to make an appearance last night only to get caught red-handed. Good thing, I was able to talk my way out of there and she was none the wiser. So my 6yr old still believes in the tooth fairy and I’m happy I didn’t ruin it for her.

It’s supposed to snow here tonight in the NW. I’m not sure it will, although it’s been very cold and rainy. But the weather people say it’s going to happen. We were going to go grocery shopping tonight, but Josh got off work late and with the cold air/snow possibility were going to hold off to maybe tomorrow night.

If we had time this past weekend, we would of already done our shopping. But, it’s kind of last minute now which sucks because everything I need will probably be gone because of  Thanksgiving; one can hope though.

Because of Thanksgiving and some family coming into town, I’m not all that quite sure how dinners are working out here. So I really haven’t put to much thought into it. We may go over to Josh’s family house a few times to join them for a meal because of our family, but it’s still up in the air. So I have to have back up meals. You’ll have to forgive me, because the menu is not impressive, but it will get the job done. I’m sure once the week is over, I’ll have a more normal menu for the following week along with some blogs about the Holiday Dishes I’ve made. Trust me, your going to want to read them and then steal the recipes :)

The menu is in no particular order except for Monday and Thursday, so bear with me okay kids? I’m sure a lot of you are in the same boat I’m in :)

Fried Egg Sandwiches or Ham and Cheese Omlette’s
We were going to go grocery shopping so it had to be easy.
Tuna Helper and leftover garlic bread and green beans
Home-made Pizza with leftover ham and pineapples…maybe a side salad
Happy Turkey Day everyone:
Gobble Gobble
Again, I’m attempting to make the stuffed peppers…
They’ll get made one of these days
Chicken with Mustard Gravy, roasted Cauliflower and mashed potatoes
I’m not to sure about this one. Josh will probably make something.
As far as desserts and treats go…
the one I made for the Potluck was a hit (again) and I kept getting asked for the recipe ;) Love that
and I was debating about making a pie. 
or my mom’s Blackberry or Huckleberry Pie…I’m just not sure…I may not even make another pie.
The problem is, there will already be 2 or 3 pies at my in-law’s house plus the cake I’m bringing. And if I make another pie that might be to many. Or I could make a pie for just Josh and I. It’s a lot to think about…and I’m just not sure. 
Do you guys have any thoughts?