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Holiday Menu: Christmas 2010

I’m in charge of bringing a side dish to my brother and sister in laws house on Saturday. A side dish and desserts.

I’m not really sure what to bring for a side dish. There is already a lot of starch and my other brother is bringing his choice of garden or fruit salad and rolls. There will be a ham…so I’m not sure…I’m leaning toward…a Green Bean Casserole.

Side Dishes
I want to make 2 desserts. One I want that’s easy for kids to eat and something that is still beautiful but low key and casual enough that you can stand/walk around and eat. The other one I want to make, needs to be a bit more decadent. Something that is still relatively easy but easy on the eye. 
and I’m debating between
or I have a recipe that my friend Krystal gave me that is for Chocolate Eclaires.
I think ultimately what the decision will be based on is not how much time or prep work is involved, but how much stuff I already have in my arsenal. Because whatever I buy has to fit appropriately within my grocery budget and after this week’s grocery shopping trip, we won’t go for another 11 days. So I have to make sure I have enough groceries for dinner, etc too.
Oh the fun world of budgeting, lol!

But that’s just for Christmas. For our Christmas morning here at the house, Josh will make his sausage egg casserole the night before again…and I promise I will try and have Josh blog it before we go to much further in the week because it makes a delightful breakfast tradition!