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Our Christmas

I hope your Christmas was beautiful and full of many memories.  I can’t believe after weeks of celebrating Christmas, that it’s just over now. I’ve already taken down all of the Christmas stuff, ( except for my wreath) and Josh organized and cleaned the garage and our home is back to normal. After putting all the stuff away it’s always amazing how much more you feel like you can breathe in your home again. I’m always shocked by how much space I have again, lol!

Since my Birthday is Christmas Eve, we normally celebrate Christmas with my family on my Birthday. However, I got Birthday/Christmas gift a week early.

Meet Noel :)
I’ve been wanting a baby kitten for so long now! When Josh and I moved to our previous rental house almost 4 years ago, we brought my cat over from my parents house. But when we had to move back into an apartment, my old cat ( she is 16 years old) got depressed. So we gave her back to my mom and she is so happy there. Since we’ve lived in this house, I’ve been begging for a kitten. 
As it so happened, Josh’s parents take care of a stray cat and she and a Siamese cat got together and created a beautiful litter of 5 kittens. The mama cat kind of abandoned the litter when they were about 5-6 weeks old and left them in the cold, so Josh’s parents have basically nursed them back to health and have taken care of the five. There were 3 male cats ( 2 siamese) and 2 female cats. I wanted a girl kitty and I fell in love with this one. 
Our landlord agreed to let us do a trial run with this kitten ( even though they don’t normally allow kittens) to see how she would do with being away from her brothers and sister. This kitten however was kind of a loner, very shy and not really attached to her siblings so we were hopeful that she would adjust to living inside our house. Within the first evening of being in home, Noel made herself at home. She was so happy to be here and she and I have just bonded like crazy.
Within the first few days of her living with us, Josh and I decided that it was indeed working out and we took her to the vet and got all of her vaccinations and stuff done and she is a permanent part of our family now.  She is about 15 weeks old and we’ve had her officially now for a week and a day and it feels like she has always been a part of our family. She is rowdy at night of course, she seems to think 2am is the perfect time to play in our room while we sleep, but when she does calm down at night, she curls up on the pillows above our heads and sleeps there. She is gentle with our girls and believe it or not, they are very sweet and sensitive toward her. So we’re all getting along beautifully. Today, Noel got to meet Ashely, Grace’s pet rabbit and they had fun sniffing each other out. ( Ashley of course was safe in the confinement of her cage.)
She’s a funny kitten, she loves to drink out of our drinking glasses. We give her the same filtered water that we drink, but she prefers to take a sip out of our cups. At night, we have to put books over our drinking glasses or else she’ll drink out of them while we sleep, lol!
So Noel was Josh’s and mine’s gift to each other. And the kids got a healthy balance of gifts from family, so we are all very happy :)

Lindsay Jewell

Friday 30th of December 2011

She's very pretty.


Thursday 29th of December 2011

Congratulations to both you and Noel. What a beauty she is and what great photos you've taken of her. You can just look at her and sense how full of personality and character she will be.