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Weekly Menu Fail

I had a fabulous menu all planned. I had been working on it all week. It was going to be a diverse and exciting menu of new dinners I had yet to make before. I was excited. Did you notice the key word there…”WAS” yeah, I was excited. Now…I’m hung up in bed with a rib fracture. Oh, lucky me!

How the heck did a rib fracture happen you may be wondering? Well, it’s kind of a not so funny story. Unfortunately, I can’t I defended the honor of anyone close to me or did any kind of heroine act. Nope, what happened to me was I just coughed, sneezed, and blew my nose to the point where my body said, nope…can’t take this abuse any longer and decided to give out on me.

You may remember that I mentioned that I was suffering from this awful cough that’s been going around. Thursday morning, (last week) I woke up fine and dandy coughing up a storm as usual. I got dressed and walked downstairs, reached for the cereal box and OUCH! I was suddenly overcome with this excruciating pain, so bad, I could cry! I thought it would go away, but I woke up the following morning and the pain was still there. So I did what any girl would do. I called my Mommy to whine and complain and it was her that suggested that maybe I pulled a muscle or cracked a rib and that if I was in so much pain, I should call my dr., so begrudgingly I did. I was able to see a very sweet midwife who told me that she thought it could be a fracture and gave me antibiotics to help get rid of the cough and Tylenol with Codeine so I could sleep at night. However, if this doesn’t get better, they want to do an x-ray of my chest and lungs, UGH!!! REALLY?!

So I was told to take it easy and not do a whole lot because they don’t want the rib or the cough aggravated because it could slow down the healing time. Josh is of course taking this to a whole new level. He’s allowing me to lay in bed or walk around downstairs and do a few things around the house, but that’s it. So…I’m laying in bed, writing this right now. I just finished my soap opera and the good news is, I actually finished my coffee without reheating my coffee once!!! And so far, I haven’t had to many coughing fits. Dare I hope that my cough is slowly going away??

As far as the menu goes, Josh did all the grocery shopping yesterday and DID NOT follow my list at all. Instead, he picked up some things that would allow him to cook some easy dinners for the week. My hope is that next week, I will be back with a menu and functioning a little bit better and able to cook and bake.



Thursday 5th of July 2012

I hope you are doing better - this doesn't sound like fun at all!!