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Tuesday’s Tidings for June 25, 2013

1. My girls are home from their camping trip!!!!! They all crawled in bed with me Monday morning and it felt so good to have them so close, to hear their voices, and laugh. Yes, this is me before my shower, which means no makeup, no judging! :)

2. I burnt my finger last night on boiling hot water. I was pouring my pasta and the water into the strainer when some of it leapt onto my poor index finger on my left hand. Thank goodness it was my left! I hate burns. I used the old use an icepack trick and then covered it in aloe vera. What do you guys use for burns?

3. On Saturday, Josh and I and my Sister in love and her boyfriend went to dinner and to go see World War Z! I highly recommend the movie. But as I was walking out of the theater and checking my phone, one of my other sisters sent me this picture. My Father in love, went outside with Christian to watch the kitties play and he fell asleep in this position. I guess my FIL was in this position for an hour and half, lol! Look at how cute my boy looks, lol!

4. I cannot wait to see Despicable Me 2 with the girls!! We all can’t wait, we loved the first one. I’m slightly obsessed with the minions. Have you seen these adorable cake pops from Bakerella? I want to make these so bad!

5. Not sure if you guys have noticed, but Starbucks is selling La Boulange Pastries in their stores now. Have you tried any of the goodies? Josh and I were grocery shopping the other day and I went ahead and got started and Josh went to get us some drinks and came back with Ham and Cheese Croissants that they gave to him for free. Can I tell you how amazing they were? I nearly DIED! I need to try their Cheese Danish and Chocolate Croissant next.

6. Sooo, the Fourth of July is next week. When did this happen???

7. Last Thursday, I went to a bread making class. One of my friends whom I actually met through blogging and lives not to far away was putting on the class so I tried it out. It was so so much fun! I learned a lot and I can’t wait to try her cinnamon rolls. It was a ton of fun!

8. Josh and I signed Gracie up for a 3 day camp at our local Apple store. They are going to teach the kids how to make music on garage band and make a video and share it at a festival later that week. It’s a free camp and I think Gracie will have a ton of fun. How cool that Apple makes something like that possible for kids.

9. North West, huh? I’m not entirely sure what to say about that. I guess I won’t say anything then.

10. I’ve come to discover that I need to own silpats. Like seriously…they would make my life so much easier!