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Kitchen Item of the week: The Veggie Peeler

It always plays out the same way…I walk to the kitchen drawer that holds 97% of all my utensils and my hands quickly find it…not because it’s easily accessible, but because of it’s very noticeable color. I am talking about my Pink Kitchen Aid Vegetable Peeler. Yes, I have a pink kitchen item!!! Not only is it a Kitchen Aid…a brand which I love and adore…but mostly because it s my favorite color.

I only acquired my veggie peeler maybe a year and a half ago…another little gift from my mommy…this one I believe was my Easter gift, LOL- yes occasionally I will get Easter Loot…I firmly believe your never to old for the Easter Bunny…or rather any excuse to receive a gift, hahaha!

As much as I do love my peeler…I will only use it on carrots. I’ve been told they work on potatoes…but for whatever reason I am as uncoordinated as they come and I can not master the skill it takes to peel a potato…so I prefer to use a good old knife for my potatoes…yet another skill I am working on. I’ve watched my mom many a times peel potatoes with knife and I always will continue to stare at her ease and capability when it comes to sliding the knife down a potato or any other think that needs to be knifed. The woman has skill and boy is she fast. I remember watching her slice bananas for a fruit salad when I was little I recall telling her to slow down because I was afraid she was going to slice a finger off. Obviously, she knew what she was doing because all of her fingers are still delicately intact. Thank Goodness!

But my Peeler…Oh I do love, slices the skin off my carrots so quickly and so perfectly and before I know it, I have a gorgeous orange, slightly crooked carrot in my hand. It probably is a tool, you can live without…but now that I have one…I can’t remember what I did before, LOL! And that’s the item of the week :)