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Sun meets grilling = accessories

I am so so excited! Lot’s of fun things are coming about. One piece of good news is the weather is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL this weekend and SUNNY!!! This is huge for us Oregonians…and though I know as an allergy sufferer, I might be miserable at certain points…it is worth it for the weather we are promised to get. Good Weather means prime time for grilling. That’s the other thing I am really excited about.

We have been grilling a lot despite this awful weather, but it will be nice to grill…when the weather is actually sunny and warm. I’m already in the process of working out next week’s menu and one of the meals I have on the list is kabobs. That’s all I’m going to say as far as the actual meal goes. But you know what you need for any kabobish meal? (I don’t actually know if kabobish is a word. I’m assuming not since it has the little wavy red line under it, but who cares :)) You need Skewers.

When picking out Skewers, you need to know which ones are out there and what you prefer to buy. You can buy a whole pack of Bamboo Skewers for $3.99 a pack at the Thriftway across the street from us. But after doing a little reading on “wooden” skewers…I felt they were to much work for me. Wooden Skewers need to soak for at least 30 minutes in water before placing on the grill or they will burn and die!

But thanks to good ol’ Google, I was able to find some beautiful metal skewers at Crate and Barrel for super oober cheap! I love me a good deal. So Thursday night, after running over to Washington Square Mall, ( for some errands) we decided to head over to Bridgeport and pick some up. I hope you looked at the Link because how can you go wrong with that price. We ended up buying only 4 for the moment. But I do plan on getting at least 2 more…and I cannot wait!!!!