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Albertson’s Savings 6/14/10

Every Monday, I look forward to getting into my inbox. Whether it’s my email or my blogspot account, I am always eagerly anticipating what goodies I can find this week. It’s just happens that Albertson’s is the place to shop. Hurry up and go there to find some great bargains for oober cheap. Their sale ends tomorrow. It is after all double coupon week! Our actual grocery shopping day will be tomorrow but these were to good to pass up! We’ll just finish up everything else tomorrow evening :)

I got the email from Frugal Living NW on Sunday, but…as I do most Sunday’s…I’m rarely on the computer. So I got excited to dissect the email this morning. Check out all the different double coupon scenario’s here and find what works for you.  I had every intention of driving down to Albertson’s tonight after Josh got home, but I ended up feeling a little under the weather, so my darling hubby…made the trip for me, quite happily actually.

I sent him with a list of a few things with coupons to help. My listed consisted of this:

Bagel Bites. On sale for $1.99. Use the $1.00 coupon from Sunday Paper and double coupon from Albertson’s making it Free. Actually, they paid us $0.01! ( We do not ever buy these kind of items, but since it was free, I thought it might make a nice late night snack for the hubs)

Ronzoni Pasta. On sale for $1.69. Use the $1.00 coupon (from a previous Sunday Paper) and double coupon making it only $.19! ( Josh was awesome and picked up Whole Wheat- go Hubby)

Rhodes Warm and Serve Rolls—( I haven’t had time or the budget yet to buy a whole thing of yeast to make my own rolls) On sale for $2.50. Use the $1.00 coupon from Sunday Paper along with double coupon and it was only $.50!!!

I also had Josh pick up Pam for Grilling. It was on sale for $2.50. We used a $1.00 off coupon ( no more doubling…only allowed 3 per transaction) but still not bad. Only paid $1.50…much cheaper than if I were to buy it off the shelf.

Berries were on sale for 2 for $3.00. I had Josh pick up one container of Raspberries and one container of blueberries.

Our Grand Total for all items purchased….$6.67!!!! We saved a total of $15.56!!!! Wow, huh!!!

Bottom Line, savings are everywhere. The key is to use the resources given to you. For me, this ended up being Frugal Living NW. If you haven’t checked out Angela’s website, you really should. She and her team of writers are extremely helpful in helping stretch a buck!!


Wednesday 16th of June 2010

There is a link in the second paragraph in blueish writing. It says, "Here." But the website is called Fugal Living NW


Wednesday 16th of June 2010

What is her website?