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Yummy Food Snapshots!

There wasn’t a whole lot of cooking going on while I was away from my computer and on vacation. We did a bunch of really simple meals and a few meals out since we were at the beach. While we were at the beach, we bought our lunches out and made food at my grandma’s beach cabin. Grilled Cheese one night and hot dogs the following. But I thought I would share a few photos of the food I did manage to take pictures of. I was totally planning on having more, but…as it goes sometimes the food looks and smells to amazing to not eat…and I had to stop myself a few times to remind myself to snap a photo. So here they are-

Josh made this Ham sandwich for he and I one afternoon and it was taasty! The rolls were on clearance at the store and Josh fell in love with them and we’ve had several of these sandwiches since. The chips are Kettle Chips in New York Cheese or something like that.
Grace was thrilled ( though she doesn’t look it) to have her kids hot chocolate. And my Raspberry White Mocha, courtesy of Bella Espresso was handed to me after this picture was taken.
I made 4 dozen cupcakes for Eden’s 2nd birthday using a Martha Stewart recipe- a blog on that is in the works.
Our Chocolate Cake from Macaroni Grill for our Anniversary…the Pralines were the perfect touch and it was Aaamazing!
As you can see, this is one of those last minute pics, I ate the other half of my bagel before remembering to take a picture. Ever heard of Einstein Bagels? Well my dad was sending us 2 dozen bagels from Vegas a few months ago until we discovered Noah’s Bagels. Noah’s is owned by Einstein and they’re bagels are out of this world good! I’m a sucker for the Asiago Cheese Bagels with the Honey Almond Shmeer…as pictured and the drink is a Wildberry frozen lemonade! It was divine!!
So that’s the pics I have for you. Are you drooling yet? For those who live in the Portland area, the bagels can be found in a few different areas. We went to Bridgeport for these on our way to pick up the kids from my parents. Sooo yummy. Seriously!