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A Delicious low calorie meal :Honey Dijon Turkey Cutlets

A few weeks ago when Josh and I were grocery shopping, we came across the meat section of the store and we always like to take a gander at the clearance meat because a lot of times you can get lucky with something awesome. On this particular day we found a package of Foster Farms Turkey Breast Cutlets for a little over $2.00! I grabbed it quickly before the lady hanging over my shoulder could (Grocery shopping is serious business guys ;) ). When I glanced at Josh he looked at me and said,” what are you going to do with those?” “I don’t know, I said…but I’ll find something amazing to do with them and for this price…I simply cannot pass it up!” And into the shopping cart they went.

A few days later I scoured all of my cookbooks trying to find something to do with them. But I had no luck. I then went to Allrecipes and they didn’t have a whole lot either. So…onto google I went.  And wouldn’t you know, I came across a blog called Cooking Done Light, and it would appear that this blog may no longer be functioning considering I didn’t see any posts since September of 2009! But lucky for me, it had the solution I was looking for with an easy and delightful little recipe simply titled “Honey Dijon Turkey Cutlets.”

The recipe calls for a good quality Dijon mustard, but all I had was the French’s brand Honey Dijon…so that’s what I used. And it worked perfectly! I did add a little bit of honey at last minute…so it’s not included in the picture :( sorry about that!
I don’t like to cook with to much beef products and if you haven’t noticed I don’t do a whole lot of pork either. The smell of ground beef has made me nauseas since I was pregnant with Grace and the only time we ever really buy beef is if were going to make Hamburgers or something that really does need beef in it. And Pork, well, I like bacon, sausages, ham, and roasts…but pork loins and pork chops…I’ve never really been drawn to it…and neither has Josh. But, if I were to ever be recommended a great recipe…I would be willing to try it, but so far…I haven’t had much luck. So those of you who are full on Pork lovers…give me a shout with your pork recipes…I would love to give it a whack, lol!
The recipe is very simple to follow. The ingredients listed are the marinade and I just whisked it all together in a bowl and then threw it into a ziploc bag along with the cutlets and let it soak up the yumminess for about an hour. Usually, I would soak it for a couple of hours…but I kind of dropped the ball that night and once the cutlets were completely thawed I just stuck it in the fridge ( I guess I suffered from a brain freeze of sorts) until Josh got home and when he asked me how long dinner would take, I consulted the recipe and said, “oops…!” But it really did work out well in the end. the hour was very generous with the meat…probably because they were cutlets and being a thinner meat made it soak up the flavor easier than say a thick piece of chicken breast…which by the way would work well with this recipe too…maybe…Ooh, you know what would be cool is if you made the marinade and made a stir fry out of it. That would be really yummy and you could use any meat you liked :) Oh the possibilities!
I have to mention to that I was so proud of myself  for not setting off any smoke detectors or needing to open any additional windows to let the smoke out…because when cooking meat in a skillet…sometimes it can get messy and smoky fast! And I have to say, I did cook the meat, perfectly * gives a pat on the back*
I finished off the meal with baked potatoes and some seasoned peas…which Josh hates…! I can’t understand why some people hate peas. My mom always cooked them with tons of flavor and I always asked for seconds, but Josh is not a fan…but nevertheless, he has to eat them occasionally anyway…I mean they are so good for you and I want him to send a good example to the girls. Onto to the Turkey! The Turkey was delicious and moist and very flavorful. We had plenty leftover for 2nds which Josh and Grace both had. This recipe is a keeper and even kiddos love it, and if I can contribute a bit of healthy info here…this recipe is only 227 calories; so there is no wrong with this recipe!
Source: Cooking Done Light
2 TB dijon mustard- whatever you have on hand
2 TB dry sherry- you can find it in the condiments section
2 TB honey
1/2 TB Soy Sauce
1/4 tsp ground ginger
4 turkey cutlets ( or a small pkg)
Whisk the sherry, mustard, honey, soy sauce, and ginger in a bowl. Add the cutlets to the bowl or throw it all in a ziploc bag…which I think is easier.
Preheat pan over med-high heat ( I added a bit of evoo to the pan). When hot, add cutlets. Cook for 4min on one side and flip for an additional 3-4 minutes on the other side.