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How we do milk…(Tips of the Trade Series)

When I was a little girl, (very little) we lived in N.E. Portland and I remember getting into the car with my mom and driving into town to go get our milk…in a drive through. Yes, back in the good ole’ days there was a dairy drive-through called Senn’s Dairy (I’m sorry, that’s the closest link I could find for it) where you could purchase the best milk in beautiful glass bottles. I remember the people being friendly and always smiling to me…but most of all, I remember the way the chocolate milk tasted. It was out of this world crazy good, and I have never found a place that has carried milk that can replicate it’s flavor. 
We all have heard the dangers of plastic. It’s filling landfills, it can cause cancer, and now…from what my mom and Dr. Oz and other news stations have said, that certain plastics being released into the air are causing the hormones in our children to speed up and for whatever reason…puberty tends to be hitting earlier than usual. ( you hear that mom’s better start putting leash’s on your kids, lol)
So I’ve begun following in my mom’s footsteps and we have begun by buying glass bottles to store our milk in. I would rather be proactive (maybe even foolish) and safe than not do anything at all. 
The Benefits of using glass vs plastic are, it’s BPA free of course, the milk stays colder, and the milk just tastes better to us. 
The only con I can come up with for using bottles is they can be hard to find and when you do, they are spendy. The deposit for one is usually $1.50.
If your interested in looking for some glass bottles to store your milk in for your home, I would suggest going through some of your grocery stores. Our local Thriftway carries them and you can also find them sometimes at Antique Shows. For us locally in Oregon, my mom has found another place in Happy Valley that sells them. But you could always go straight to the internet and order from some sweet Amish folk. This Website, sells the bottles and my mom says she has dealt with these people before and they are very friendly. 
And if anything else, the glass bottles full of milk look beautiful in a fridge :)

ED's Wife

Saturday 9th of October 2010

There's always good "old fashioned" quart or half gallon canning jars as well. We use canning jars for everything. Storage, soup leftovers, smaller ones for drinking glasses, vases and yes milk, when we can get raw. These are relatively inexpensive and easy to find. You can use the metal canning lids or they do have plastic ones that work well (which would just be a little bit of plastic as opposed to the whole container).