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Weekly Menu October 4th-10th

I’m back everyone!!!

Did you miss my posts? I missed posting; I found myself wanting to share things with you all…but because of cheap-o me…I only had the free version of blogpress on my phone…and I just got Josh last night to gift me the $2.99 version.  So Yay….maybe in the future, I will blog from afar.

I have so many posts ideas floating around in my head and I can’t wait to get the oppertunity to share these posts with you. I am coming upon a very busy week…so please…bear with me. Grace and I, officially start 1st Grade tomorrow and I’m not to sure about how the schedule will go…I doubt Eden will be happy that I’m stealing away her playdate 4 days a week…and I don’t really want to school during naptime…because…well I use that time for me to do whatever I want…is that selfish??? I mean, we, mommies need our time too.

We’re having our friend Jared over tonight :)
Josh is grilling Steaks with a Mesquite Marinade
 with Sweet Potatoes with a melted butter & brown sugar topping and Foccasia bread with Garlic and Olive oil.
Spaghetti with whole wheat pasta, corn, and Garlic bread.
Bean and Cheese Enchiladas and spanish rice
Homemade Pizza ( yes, I’m finally getting around to it)
Sheppard’s Pie and Salad
Pot Roast with veggies and potatoes
Special Treats:
Tonight, I’m making my mom’s “Famous” apple crisp
(unfortunatly, I have promised my mom I would never post the recipe :( so sorry guys…)
Nutella Pumpkin Bread


Tuesday 5th of October 2010

You know the funny thing about that apple crisp recipe is it was the exact same that my mother used too.