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I WON!!!

How many of you follow some freebie/frugal websites? I do, I follow several. I like them because they’re not always about getting free stuff…but alerts about good deals and savings with coupons and such. But sometimes, there are giveaways…and I love me a good giveaway.

I’m not someone who will enter a giveaway just for the sake of entering. If I’m going to take the time to fill out my info, I want it to be for something I am really interested in. But sadly, I never ever win. In fact…I’ve hardly ever won anything in my entire life. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve won something free. But today…I won something…YAHOOOOO!!!!

This morning I was cruising through my emails and some of the sites I follow through facebook when a giveaway for a free signed cookbook caught my eye. It was an autographed copy of Holly Clegg’s Trim and Terrific “Too hot in the kitchen’s cookbook: 200 simple and sassy recipes! How cool!!! I’ve never looked through one of Holly’s cookbooks, but I have heard of her and I have heard really good things about her recipes. So when I entered…I didn’t think twice about it. But sure enough…I got an email a few moments ago informing me that I had won and I had 48hrs to respond. Of course I responded right away and sent in my info! I’m totally excited to of won a cookbook. They aren’t something I buy that often because of the price tag…so Free is looking real good to me right now :)

Maybe once I’ve had a chance to peruse the cookbook I’ll try out a recipe and blog about it :)


Friday 6th of May 2011

I have really enjoyed the book. The southwestern lasagna is really delicious!

Ina's Garden

Friday 6th of May 2011

Have you enjoyed the book?