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Thank You for the Chatter

IMG_9669I sat in the car the other night, driving home with my oldest daughter, Gracie, from my monthly homemaking and hospitality class. It was dark and past 9 pm (close to my bedtime), and I could feel the tug of sleepiness creep into my body. Gracie, on the other hand, was energized from the excitement of that evening’s class and talking a mile a minute. I struggled to fight against the weariness so I could match her enthusiasm as we drove home with music playing softly in the background.

As I sat there and listened to her move between subjects, I kept thinking (even though I was exhausted) how nice it is to listen to her talk.

We could have a relationship where we just sit in silence, with all the things we want to say to each other going unsaid.

Unsaid. Missed opportunities for her to share her heart. Her thoughts. Her hopes and dreams. And opportunities that I could miss out on for comforting her, encouraging her, sharing with her, and listening to her.

As Grace and I drove toward our home in the beautiful countryside, she sat in her seat staring out the window trying to figure out which stars were planets and gasping that she thought she just found the Little Dipper! Her speech paused as she thought for a moment. “Do you know the first thing I would ask God when I get to heaven?” I asked her what she would ask Him. She said, “I would ask him how many stars are out there, and how many solar systems there are.” Then she asked me what would be the first thing I would ask God. I couldn’t think of a question I wanted to ask…so I finally settled on the thought, “I think I would ask Him if He has ever created a world and universe before this one.” It was  kind of a copout answer. While it’s something I’ve wondered…I couldn’t really think of a specific question.

Earlier on the drive home, we somehow got on the topic of my miscarriage in 2007. She asked me if I minded talking about it. I said, “Not any more, because I know that one day, I will get to meet my other child. And while sometimes I still get a little sad about it, the Lord gave me Eden to fill that spot and ease the pain. Though it was a painful time, it really taught me to appreciate life.”

And so, I thought about what would I say to God when I got to heaven. It didn’t take long for me to know what I would say this time. I would say, “Thank you.” Thank you for giving me these beautiful creations. Thank you for filling my home with chatter.

That chatter from my kids is one of the things I’ve grown to love the most about being a mom. The music of their voices, their laughter, and even their (occasional) bickering fills our home with life. It’s a sound I’ve gotten really used to and miss when it’s not there.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

I pray to my Heavenly Father that I will continue to encourage my children to be children – that the notes of their voices will continue to rise and fill our home with a sweet melody as they to grow into new creations and share with others how wondrous and how amazing He is. I thank Him for allowing me to see what a blessing they are – not a hindrance in life.  They are a beautiful and joyful blessing from the Lord and they bring music to my ears.




Sunday 10th of May 2015

So sweet and thoughtful.....Yes their voices are music to our ears.

I hope you ave a very blessed and Happy Mother's Day....

Chelsia Rief

Sunday 10th of May 2015

Thanks Penny! I just love them! My Mother's Day has been perfect and relaxing. I hope yours was wonderful as well.