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Weekly Menu 6/13-6/19

Good Afternoon everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Josh and I got a whole day and night for a rare date and it was wonderful. We just walked around talking, shopping, eating, and laughing. It’s so nice to take time for each other sometimes.

This is going to be a busy week for me with a couple of things going on. I’m not going to be online much for the next 3 days. My dad and sister are in the process now of driving to see me :) My dad lives in Vegas and my sister in Texas and they drove from Vegas to California on Friday to visit my grandmother and uncle, and then this morning the left to see me (they’ll get here tonight) and on Thursday they leave to go to Washington to visit with my aunt and more family for a few days before coming back down here on Monday again.  I’m really excited to see them all. I haven’t seen my dad since last July and my sister for almost 3 years.

Another reason I won’t be blogging to much this week is because we got a new computer. We’ve had a Dell for 5 1/2 years and we finally splurged and bought an Apple MacBook Pro on Saturday. I have to be honest, the switch between the two computers is proving to be a challenge on me. I’m used to relying on my mouse for everything and everything is touch pad now with multiple finger swipes and that’s a chore trying to remember and trying to relearn how to now access all my photos in iPhoto and transferring them to a blog is confusing.  And I don’t do confused well. I ended up having a minor breakdown last night :( But, like Josh said,” You can’t expect to pick up a new computer within like 12 hours.” It’s going to take practice on my part and I’m probably going to have to do things several times before I fully understand it or am used to it at least.

The picture thing is really what’s bugging me the most because I made a Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake late Saturday night for our “Early” Father’s Day Pie day at church. ( Josh didn’t want a pie, he wanted cheesecake, haha.) The cheesecake was amazing and got really good reviews and I really want to blog it, but I think it will have to wait till Josh is sitting next to me helping me along. I do however, have a blog already typed up and I’ll post that one tomorrow :) If any of you have made the switch from pc to a Mac and you have advice to give concerning photos and locating them and such..I’m all ears :) Okay, onto the menu!

My dad and sister have requested Josh’s Chicken Enchiladas, so we’re making that tonight with make a taco side salad.
My sister turned 20 yrs old on Saturday, so I think we’re going to go to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner that night to celebrate.
I think the plan may be for my dad to make his amazing BBQ Chicken and BBQ potatoes and we’ll have some sort of veggie on the side and Josh is going to make a grilled Bruschetta :)
Pasta Toss with Salad and garlic bread
Grilled Chicken Bruschetta with potatoes and a veggie
(Father’s Day)
Not sure yet, we’ll make something yummy I’m sure

I’m making an Oreo Cake on Tuesday for my sister’s birthday. She’s obsessed with chocolate and oreos so I thought why not combine the two?
For Father’s Day, my dad ( the one who lives nearby) has requested that I make my mom’s Chocolate Chip Cookies :)
Since my dad will be in Washington over Father’s Day Weekend, I’ll make him something for when he comes back on Monday…
Please be patient with me while I learn this new system and get back into the swing of blogging and posting.  Everyone, have a wonderful week :)