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Where did I go this week?

Hello everyone!

I fully intended to sit down and throw a post or two of something delicious up here on the blog today. But, we’ve had some things going on that have kind of had me distracted and have delayed the yummy foods I had planned to write.

The Pizza Post, Josh wrote that up on Sunday night, which was why it went up on the blog earlier this week. On Wednesday, I was cooking all day and updating Catz in the Kitchen Facebook page with pictures and statues of my going ons. My friend had a baby last week, so I was cooking and baking her some muffins, cookies, and dinner to take to her that night.

But let me get back to why there hasn’t been much posting other than those few things. On Monday night, Josh was on his way home when he was rear-ended by a huge pick up truck. We’ve…mostly him have been sorting out the details and handling the phone calls and updates and dealing with a stressful situation. You can read about the accident over at 4Catz @ Home.

I woke up with a headache that got worse as yesterday moved on which prevented me from writing. I honestly did try….I edited some of the food photos and that was about as far as I got. I mostly just hid out in my room as the kids played.  Today, being Friday, I’ve still got the headache lingering and I’m feeling tired from the long week. I can only imagine how Josh must be feeling and he’s actually gone to work all week. I am going to try tonight to write up at least one post for you all so it will post tomorrow morning, otherwise, I’ll be writing down at the beach. But there was a reason for my absence these past few days. I hope you all are doing well :) And be on the look out for the Berry Coffeecake I made last week, because it is out of this world yummy!


Saturday 6th of August 2011

Well you still thought of us..and that counts:)Now go have some good rest :)Lucky people in teh accident came well out of it.