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Tuesday’s Tidings for February 26, 2013

Image credit: The Telegraph

1. Sooo, what did you think of the Oscars? I for one, thought the host was annoying. I didn’t care for the inappropriate song (The Oscars are supposed to be a family show) and or any of his jokes, nor do I even know who the guy is! I could have gone without the stupid bear from Ted, too. I have two little girls who were watching it and I had to mute the show and explain why I was muting it. It’s just stupid.

2. I am so happy Argo won. Josh and I watched it on Saturday and I bit all of my nails off while watching it. A well-deserved win. Ben Afleck’s speech totally made me cry!

3. I have not seen The Silver Lining’s Playbook. From the majority of the people who I do know that saw it, said the acting was great, but the movie, was long, boring, and slow. Well, I could see that much from the trailer of the movie. But, I do know that Jennifer Lawrence is an excellent actress and probably deserved her Oscar, as did Anne Hathaway for Les Mis…something else I have yet to see. Daniel-Day Lewis’s speech was really well done as well. Josh saw the movie and loved it and was happy he won, but super upset the once again, the Academy snubbed Spielberg.

4. Anyone see Life of Pi? Anyone even know what it’s about? Yeah, I have no clue either. Why did it win? I don’t know, except that I’ve heard it’s visually stimulating.


True Story…Josh put Christian on my head and I said,” watch, he’s going to spit up in my hair.” Sure enough, Josh turned his back to me to get his phone and when he went to take the pic, Christian was spitting up on top of my head. Yes, it was gross! However, we cleaned my roots up and took a pic anyways. If you look closely, my roots look a little damp from washing the upchucked milk out of it. I am a mother and yes, I was not phased by this one bit, lol!


I saw this cookbook at Cosco a few days ago. I really want it! Anyone own it or know if it’s good?

7. Over the weekend, we attempted to switch over to WordPress. Obviously, the site still looks the same. WordPress is confusing. No joke! Josh worked on moving things over for 4 hours until I made him stop. Maybe someday, but someday, is not today.

8. Josh and I finally took the plunge and bought a DSLR. We got a Canon, because it’s what I wanted and after doing a bunch of research, it turned out that it was the right brand for us. Owning this camera is just as confusing as trying to switch to WordPress. Thank goodness, I have Josh. He has been sifting through the manual reading everything and trying things out so then he can teach it to me. He’s also found that Amanda from Kevin & Amanda’s site has some really good information and we’ve been using her posts to educate ourselves.


Check out our crazy birds! They must really LOVE the suet I bought them, because this is just nutty!

10. One last thing about the Academy Awards…I am so stinkin happy Adele won for Skyfall!!! She has so much talent and that song was a well-deserved win! Don’t ya think?