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Tuesday’s Tidings for June 11, 2013

1. Josh got his Father’s Day gift early this year. He’s had his eye on this lens for our Cannon DSLR since we bought the camera at the beginning of the year…and finally it dropped in price. I told him I would either chip in money for the lens or for some of his Weber wishlist items. He chose the lens and I’m so glad he did because it is amazing! On one of our family walks last week, we got this picture of a bullfrog that lives in the pond across from our neighborhood. We wouldn’t of been able to get this shot with our other two lens’s, so I’m thrilled with this one!

2. I’m currently obsessing over ice cream. I want to make THIS, THIS, and THIS!

3. Father’s Day is Sunday and we all the ladies in the church make or bring pies for the dads. This year, Josh has requested a berry pie, so I’m making a Huckleberry Pie and I’m going to make my dad something special too…but in case he reads today’s post, I can’t  mention it, lol!

4. I started my new Jillian Michaels DVD yesterday. I’m doing the 6 week 6 pack one and I woke up SOOORE! OMG- You guys! Burpees are going to be the death of me!

5. My daughter (referring to the one in hot pink, not the little one)…She likes to photobomb!

6. Sunday morning Josh wakes me up out of a sound sleep to tell me to start getting ready for church. I do so, ever so slowly, because A) Duh, I’m still waking up and B) I’m still plagued with stuffy nose allergies. Josh said he didn’t know what was taking me so long to get out of bed, and then he heard me “HONKING” in the bedroom. (Dude, I was blowing my nose and he sounds like a foghorn when he does it).  But then he said,” Even Swans honk!” LOL! So…I’m a honking Swan. I guess I could be called something worse, lol!

7. My girls are leaving for a week long camping trip next Monday. I’m already getting sad about it. It is way to quiet when they aren’t here.

8. Portland is having a Food Cart Tour and I want to go so badly next Saturday!! Wouldn’t that just be so much fun???

9. In our attempts to do more exercise in the great outdoors, Josh spotted a Kayaking groupon deal. At first, I was like, “Heck No! I don’t want to get wet!” And then I was like,” Bring it on!” So I’m trying to get Josh to buy it. It sounds like so much fun!

10. I just wanted to remind you all that tomorrow starts our Fried Egg Sandwich week! So check it out, we’ve got 3 yummy (original) recipes coming your way!