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Tuesday’s Tidings for April 22, 2014

1. I get this random text from Josh last night and I don’t even know where to begin. He thought it was hilarious and I’m like,” Whaaaa?”
2. If you watched The Black List last night, don’t tell me anything about it. Josh and I are going to watch it today when the kids are tucked in. Can’t wait! #Blacklist

3. Have you read about this news story about this sweet 90 year old couple? You should. It will warm your heart!
4. FOUR days till we leave for Cali on Saturday-Whoo-Hoo and the weather is looking gorgeous!!
5. We made this Black Bean and Quinoa Enchilada Bake last week and it was off the hook good! (Do people still say off the hook)? Christian had two helpings the night I made it and had another the next day as leftovers. Be forewarned though…this is not a pretty dish once served up on the plate, but it does taste amazing!

6. Grace got 100% on her 3 page History test yesterday. This momma is so so proud!

7. Since I love sharing recipes that we’ve recently tried, here’s another. We made this Mango Chicken Stir Fry last night and it was also very delicious. Christian wasn’t feeling dinner at all so he filled himself up with yogurt and sliced strawberries, but all four of us cleaned our plates and there was still food leftover. Did I mention this was easy too? A recipe I’m saving!

8. House is on netflix and I’m freaking out! I really love that show!

9. I made egg salad sandwiches with our Easter hard-boiled eggs and can you believe it, Grace doesn’t like these sandwiches! I don’t get it? What’s not to love?

10. The weather today is kind go dark and stormy looking and I’m loving on my sweatpants and barely there make-up look today. I need to make more of an effort to wear cozy clothes and give my face a make up-less look more often.