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Tuesday’s Tidings (on a Wednesday!) for September 24, 2014

1. Last week my first nephew was born! Meet Oliver! My brother and sister’s newest edition. This makes #3 for them and new babies are always exciting. Eden got to hold him and did such a great job and she was so excited to meet him. She keeps saying that she can’t believe Christian was ever this small, lol.

2. Have you guys heard of Fabletics? It’s a lot like Stitchfix except that it is all like lounge wear clothing-which is really up my alley since I rarely buy those kind of clothes. I looked at the website and everything looks so comfortable-but it’s one of those monthly fee sites and I don’t like that.

3. Blacklist premiered on Monday, but we didn’t get to watch it until Tuesday night. Worth the wait-really missed and loved that show. Such great acting and plots.

4. I broke a clothing trend I said I would join in on. I bought…printed leggings!! I bought them from that site and I got them over the weekend and loved them!!! I paired them with a long white lace tunic I bought from Kohls and my brown boots and it looked really nice. I wouldn’t say I would buy any printed legging though-the floral and camo/striped doesn’t appeal to me. But the aztec designs are cute. But my rule with leggings is I will never wear them in public unless I have a shirt that covers my butt. I’m not 15 yrs old and even then, I don’t think it’s flattering on girls.

5. I got the new iPhone 6 on Friday. I think it’s a lot better than the plus because it is smaller. But the color is nice, I just wish they would wrap the color all the way around to the front of the phones because when I get a case, the gold will be covered up. But so far, it’s a nice phone. But I’m not really one to go on and on about a phone. You would need to talk to Josh if you want someone to do that, lol!

6. James 1:2 has been on my mind a lot lately. I’ve been dealing with so much drama for my upcoming surgery next month. I’ve had a sinus infection for the last 3-4 years and they think a wisdom tooth that is way up high in my cheek and needs to be removed in a hospital is a culprit. They think maybe a cyst or absess formed around the tooth and went to my sinus’s. I had never had a sinus infection till a few years ago when I got this one-so I lived with it and took antibiotics off an on for the last few years and nothing has helped it. So my ear, nose, and throat dr. needs to remove the tooth and drain the sinus cavity because it is completely clogged. So much fun! Anyways, I just keep running into issues and it’s frustrating because it seems like it is one thing after another-but, the one thing I do constantly keep in mind is that it will be taken care of soon and then it will be over with!

7. It rained all night last night! Do you all know how happy I am about that??

8. I learned a new card game last week. Have you guys heard of nerds? Oh my gosh-Love. It’s a fun fun game.

9. Josh finally bought me an immersion blender-so now all the soup recipes I was avoiding because I didn’t want to deal with transferring the soup to the blender in batches I can now cook!

10. I decorated for fall! I love it!