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Tuesday’s Tidings for November 17, 2015

Tuesday's Tidings


  1. Let me preface this by saying I am not the biggest Oreo fan. I like them. But I don’t love them. When we picked up the new holiday Gingerbread Oreos from Target last week, imagine my surprise when I discovered that I LOVE this flavor combination! Seriously, this is one package of Oreos I would gladly inhale!
  2. I’m just sending out a Thred Up reminder to all of you wonderful readers to consider shopping from their online consignment and thrift shop during this holiday season. We’re no doubt going to be invited to fun holiday parties and we’re going to want to look nice. Don’t spend an arm and a leg, instead shop online at Thred Up and from now until December 14th, all orders have free shipping! To get you started I’m giving you $20 toward your first purchase (for new members only) and this helps me out too, because when you use your $20, I get $20 too! Which is great for me because then I can find something for the kiddos or…perhaps…myself…
  3. Last week, we watched two new movies. The first one was Inside Out which was literally the cutest movie EVER! A great gift idea, I might add. The other movie Josh and I watched was Mr. Holmes. It was very well acted, but I found myself to be slightly bored during it. Of the two, rent Inside Out. It really is a great family movie!


  1. If you haven’t yet read this excellent Wall Street Journal article detailing the hour by hour events of Friday night in Paris, told from the perspective of different people involved, including the situation President Hollande found himself in, you should. It was published yesterday evening, so it doesn’t include the developments today in the fast-moving investigation, but it’s a deeply moving (and disturbing) piece of journalism, especially considering the amount of time in which the authors had to put it together.
  2. Buzzfeed has lately taken to tracking down and pointing out falsehoods spreading across social media during crises, but I’ve typically read their recaps thinking, “Who would ever fall for that? Who shares this stuff anyway?” However, the debunking that went live Saturday morning was a bit more surprising (and less saddening than in the past, at least in one respect, as it appeared most of the misinformation was spread via honest mistake, rather than deliberate deception). I fell for a couple of the pieces of bad information in the article myself, as evidenced in my own Twitter feed, as did some news publications and many, many users of social media.


    While a moving photo, and rightfully so, it’s not of Paris on Friday night, despite being widely shared that way. It’s from the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January.

  3. Well, it’s official – though you likely already suspected it. Facebook is making you more miserable. Well, if not more miserable, then perhaps less happy. If not less happy than you are, then less happy then you could be, and possibly more worried. Okay, maybe just if you’re Danish. Or maybe it’s just another study…