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Weekly Menu for the Week of March 21st

Weekly Menu | Catz in the Kitchen | | #menu #mealplanHey, guys, we’re back! Thanks for being so patient and understanding on our very light posting schedule last week. Josh and I flew down to Pasadena on Wednesday for a work event and came home Friday night. We had a blast seeing family, eating some really good food, and having some time alone, but I was ready to come back home to my kids on Friday. Well, technically Saturday, since that is when we picked them up from their grandparents.

Did you all have a nice St. Patrick’s day? I hope you had a chance to check out the recipe round-up we posted on Thursday. And now Easter is this Sunday! Is that nuts or what? Just so you know, we have a great Easter Pinterest board you can check out and get some fun ideas for recipes.

It’s good to be back posting this week and I hope you find this week’s menu helpful. Apparently, we had a couple of nice days while we were gone, but it’s back to raining now and some of the recipes for this week reflect that rainy mood.

As always, be sure to check out past menus for some great menu ideas. Have a great week everyone!