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Weekly Menu for the Week of July 15

Weekly Menu | Catz in the Kitchen | | #mealplanYou know how you have those weeks that seem like a blur because so much happened? I had one of those weeks – the days at this point have just become one big gigantic blobby blur and it would seem that I had another week where I didn’t do a lot of cooking – probably because it wasn’t a normal week for us and we ended up eating a lot of “convenience” food, which isn’t my favorite, but it is, well…convenient.

I hit the #nsale (aka Nordstrom Anniversary Sale) on Friday and got the few basics I was looking for, plus a few other items like pj’s. I always buy pj’s at the sale because the quality is so good! The ones I bought last year still look brand new and they do not pill. There were a few items I had my eye on, like a rain coat (I live in Oregon and don’t own a rain coat – I was looking at the North Face or Barbour coat, but they weren’t in my budget, and neither were the Marc Fisher Booties! If you’re interested in what I got, I shared it over here on my account.

It’s beginning to feel and look a bit more like summer. We’ve got temps going into the 80’s this week, which will be nice because I want to do more grilling

I’m going to keep the menu short and sweet this week and just let you know that if you have an Instant Pot, but don’t have A/C, you might be looking to use gadgets that will cook food without heating up the house, and so you might find that Pinterest board helpful. 

I hope you all have a great week!