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I’m a list freak

Have I ever mentioned that I am a list maker? Well, I am. I am completely obsessed with lists. I make tons of lists and I think it helps me remember stuff (duh), and help me keep track of the things I need or want…normally it’s the want part though. The lists I’m currently working on you ask? Well I have several. Here is my list (haha) for the following lists:

1. My life list- things I want to accomplish, do, see, experience…whatever. I keep this one in my nightstand.

2. My song list- Cd’s and songs that I someday hope to own or download…you get the idea?

3. My dvd list- I am a huge movie nut. I love them And I like to own them so yes, I have a list of movies I would like to own someday.

4. My Book List- I am always forgetting about books I want to read or buy…so I needed a place for those.

5. My clothing list- Haha, yes, I am big on fashion. And in need of items…so I like to have a list of everything I hope to buy…I’ve actually got a few things crossed off on that one…

Which brings me to the last list…my kitchen list. I don’t know what I was thinking when I registered with Josh before we tied the knot…but neither one of us was thinking clearly. I think we were both so love struck and giddy that we really didn’t think a thing through except the getting married part. Which is why…I have a list…some of the items aren’t something I would of registered for…because maybe I didn’t know what it was, or I didn’t think I would use or…okay…yeah…I just wasn’t thinking straight…my mind was on Josh…24/7! Don’t believe me, ask his family…Josh and I could not get enough of each other…and it’s still like that…only we are a bit more bearable to be around in person :) So here is my Kitchen List…it isn’t in any particular order…just as I think of them or need them…

1. Cupcake pan with a lid! I can get these at Ross, but I really want one…it would make transporting cupcakes a whole lot easier. But I need a couple…because at some point I want to make Cupcakes for Awana and there are a lot of kids.

2. Cutting Board. It is still at Ikea and Josh told me I had to wait…so this is me waiting…and blogging about it and why I can’t quite cross it off the list yet…

3. New Apron. I have a very sweet one that Grace and Eden made for me last year in the cubbies class for Mother’s Day and it’s great…but I would like a more girly apron…one that ties around the waist…I think they are so cute and feminine.

4. Dish Towels. Well we are still using the sets we got as wedding gifts and the sets I got as birthday gifts from my brother and his wife many many years ago. Let’s say…some of them are dying :(

5. Wire Racks :) Yay, me…Josh made it possible for me to cross this one off the list a couple of weeks ago and I love him for it.

6. Utensil Holder. Another one of those wedding gifts that we registered for but we didn’t really have a theme that we liked yet. So the one we have is White and shows every speck of dirt and food stain and it goes with nothing in my kitchen.

7. Cookie jar. I have been on the hunt for one of these for years now. Yes, I’ve looked online and I can’t find anything that suits my kitchens mood. I had one that was my mom’s. It was a momma bunny and a baby bunny leaning on each other and my mom used to tell me that it was me and her…well it broke during one of our moves…and I have never fully recovered from it. And I still have my snowman cookie jar in the kitchen :(

8. Kitchen Aid Mixer!!!!! This is my guilty pleasure gift and I could never ask someone to buy me one because of how expensive they are. But oh…my life could be so wonderful with one of these…Black or Stainless Steel is my color choice :)

9. Serving Dish. I have one…and I use it more as my cookie platter ( since I don’t have a cookie jar) and really that’s all I can use it for because it is one giant round plate. There is no dip in the middle. I am on the hunt for one I like.

10. Tart Pan. This is a very recent addition to my list. I want to get good at Tarts and you can use a pie pan…which I have…but it would look so much better if it were an actual tart pan. But the one I want has a removable bottom so you won’t mess up the edges and you can slide it onto a serving platter of some sort ( I would use my cake Stand I’m sure. But I priced one out at Williams- Sonoma for $9.00. It’s probably the cheapest thing they sell there, hahaha!

Tea Kettle. Ours broke. Er, well It’s in the process of breaking down on us. We’ve had it for 3 years and we bought it at Ikea. But it’s starting to leak and I refuse to use it because it’s stainless but it looks like its all burnt and singed at the bottom where it leaks and I’m afraid one day it will burst into flames…yes I am dramatic like that. But until I get a new one…No tea for me.

So that is my list, thus far. I only have one thing crossed off :( But with a few trips to Ross and maybe one special trip to Williams-Sonoma…I can cross a few more things off. Btw- I forgot to mention to all of the other lists I do make…there is always the constant grocery list and dinner menu…menu just sounds better than dinner list…Right??? :)


Thursday 25th of March 2010

Haha, Yup, I still have them. The black and white one got ruined somehow, but the red and black remain...along with the wash cloths. Haha!


Thursday 25th of March 2010

I can't believe you still have the kitchen towel we got you. That was many, many, many years ago. I'd like a tart pan & kitchen aid mixer too. Someday. :)