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A thwarted meal

Tonight, I was going to blog about the dinner I had made. Did you catch those words…was & had… it was Past Tense. Tonight I was going to blog about the Whole Chicken I was going to roast. But…alas, my DH (Darling Hubby) has thwarted my dinner plans. But let me clarify…it was not on purpose that he did this…he’s just well…he’s a man. And though he is the most Brilliant man I know…he can also not think or ask if it’s okay to take something from my kitchen ;) Any other day, this would of been fine…but the fact is that it was today…is what’s funny and makes it a good story.

Every Monday morning, Josh has a breakfast meeting with everyone he works with. Last night, he made French Toast for the breakfast (isn’t he nice?) Also last night, I was overly tired and pretty much unable to function so I had asked him if he would take the whole chicken out of the freezer and stick it in the fridge. That he did…but he took my roasting pan with him to work to help him carry all the plates and forks he also stole from the house.  Needless to say 4:30pm rolled around and I wandered into the kitchen to get started on the chicken and thankfully, I didn’t start on the chicken first, but rather looked for the pan. When I saw it was missing it was like a light bulb came on above my head. I knew he had taken it from the house. So, I did what most woman would do…I screamed at him through email, LOL! Well I wrote in all caps demanding to know where my pan was, even though I knew it was with him…I just needed confirmation. Within 20 secs I had a phone call from my hubby who said right away…please don’t scream at me. LOL!

It is kind of funny and entertaining and makes a good story. But it is also annoying and frustrating. He just didn’t think about it. So I can only blame him so much. But I told him, he was making dinner and I gave him the option of Frozen Stuffed Shells or Grilling Cheeseburgers tonight. I hope he chooses the latter, because that is what now sounds good to me. So though there was no technical food blog…you did get a funny story :)