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I promise, the gym made me forget about dinner!

I’m really kind of disappointed with myself.

Tuesday, I blogged that my hubby would be guest blogging his Baked Penne Pasta. It’s super delicious and easy…well it looks easy since he’s the one that makes it. Well last night, we had the kids down (okay, they aren’t really kids in my eyes…but it’s easier than saying we had the young adults down ) and I had been texting Jewelissa back and forth throughout the day since we were going to finish the Lord of the Ring trilogy and she offered for them to come down a bit early so I could squeeze in my workout at the gym. (Yay)

Josh knew he was going to be blogging this meal…it had been discussed, but while I was gone at the gym, I forgot to leave the camera out for him and then with company over…it got overlooked. An easy thing to do when your laughing in the kitchen…which is what I walked into as I got home from the gym. By that time, the pasta was nearly cooked and the sausage and sauce was already made. It just needed the assistance of the oven. But…I can’t claim this as all of Josh’s fault. I did forget to leave the camera out and he could of tried and remembered. But still, walking in the door, sweaty, gross, and tired…it slipped my mind too and I did not remember till the food was coming out of the oven.

So, I’m disappointed with myself for not remembering. For not making a point of remembering to remind Josh as I was talking to him on my cell phone while I walked to the gym. And I’m disappointed you all are missing out on his amazing writing skillz :)

You did however, get a story from me and you were able to enjoy my misery too ;) I’m just kidding about that last part…! Stop laughing at my pitiful self, haha. Okay, I’m laughing too :) LOL! See?!

I suppose the meal will have to wait for another time…unless Josh decides to wing it anyways and post it with one picture…of course I will be there, at his side, telling him to not even bother. Haha!