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Weekly Menu 10/25-10/31

What a week this has been! My kids were sick all last week, which really sucked because the weather was beautiful and I had some fun things planned for them, but because of Grace having a fever and Eden having a cold, I didn’t want to expose them to other people. Josh had an incredibly busy week. He helped teach two classes last week to a group of Personal bankers, as well as drove down to Salem to see his new branch that he’ll be taking over November 1st. Josh, wouldn’t you know it, ended up getting sick too. He started coming down with it on Friday and I told him,”if you could of picked a day to get sick, Friday would be be the best day” so he could spend the weekend recovering. Which he did.

Friday, I went to a Pampered Chef party. I’m so glad I went because it was actually something I was interested in. I’ve been to other parties like this before, but they never really interested me because it wasn’t something I really wanted to buy or had the money to buy…but I found several things I really liked and I ended up making a wishlist of things that hopefully down the road I can pick up as I get more money or save for it. But, I had such a good time revisiting with friends from high school. Some of these ladies I hadn’t seen since graduation and some of the others on rare occasions. So it was a treat for me, plus I was childless for the night…which was a bit weird since my kids are pretty much joined at my hip :) I did end up buying one thing. I bought a Chipotle Rub, (mainly because Josh loves the flavor) and I can’t wait to use it. The dinner we made as a group used the rub and as soon as the rub comes in the mail, I’m going to make the dinner for Josh. It is delicious, it was called a Chipotle Chili Cornbread Bake and it was beyond yummy!

We didn’t get around to carving pumpkins this weekend. The rain and Josh’s cold stopped that from happening, so I think we’ll try and do it this week sometime. Speaking of rain, oh my gosh, it’s a constant downpour here, which I’m loving. It’s a nice change and it makes warmer meals seem that much better because it’s colder outside. And it was really cold, rainy, and windy last night so I made the Pumpkin Nutella Bread and it is so tasty! Josh was against trying it, but once it had cooled and I cut myself a slice and offered him a bite, and that was it, he had to have his own slice plus one for his lunch today :) Silly Boys :)

It’s a new Rachael Ray recipe from last week and it looks delish!
If you click the link you can watch the video :)
Roast with carrots and red potatoes and gravy with a side of green beans
Lasagna with a Cesar salad and garlic bread
(Awana Night)
Chicken nuggets and mac and cheese
Stuffed Peppers and not sure what else
Maybe Josh will make his Sausage Ziti??
(Halloween night)
We have a yearly tradition of Chili and Cornbread before we go trick or treating
I have a new cornbread recipe I’m itching to try :)
In case our Saturday meal doesn’t work out with Josh cooking, I have a back up meal of my Soy Chicken I can make. 
I felt really bad for Gracie because I had promised her she could help me with the Pumpkin Nutella Bread, but because she’s been sick and coughing all over the place, I told her I would find her a special treat to help me make.
Chocolate Chip Cookies…
Pumpkin Muffins of a kind, maybe…
Not sure…
if we carve pumpkins, I’ll be roasting some seeds as well :)
Do you have any special Halloween food traditions you do with your family?