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Weekly Menu 10/18-10/24

At this moment, that wonderful husband of mine, has run out to our grocery store across the street to pick up the remaining grocery list items we failed to pick up yesterday. We would all be out together, except that my dear Eden is sick. She has a cold, I want to keep her inside as much as possible so she has a chance to get better. Colds and Flu’s seem to be epic right now. Everyone is sick. Even my mom, who is never ever sick has the flu. :( I’m praying hard, that I don’t get sick. I’ve been invited to a Pampered Chef party at the end of the week and I’m looking forward to having some time away. I rarely accept invites out because I would almost always prefer to be with my family. But I think it’s important for me to get away once and awhile.

Last week, I made some delicious muffins ( be on the lookout for that blog soon) and my mom’s amazing and incredible Apple Crisp that I will never ever post, per her request. It’s a family secret :) And the day I was going to make the day before I was planning on making the Pumpkin Bread, I had an allergic reaction to purple onions. So, I won’t ever be buying, cooking, or eating those again. Are there any foods your allergic to?

I have yet to make the roast…which is fine since I have 3 roasts camping out in my freezer right now, ( I love the bogo sales at Albertson’s) and instead of the Roast, Josh made incredible breakfast burritos last night. We were going to take pics so he could blog it, but we lost track of time and he got to involved in the cooking before we remembered.

Since Eden is sick…I think we’re just doing a frozen Pizza…
Josh was going to find something at the store
Sloppy Joe’s with homemade sauce and ground turkey breast
and maybe some Kettle Chips on the side
Lasagna and a side salad
(new recipe)
Awana Night
Pig’s in a Blanket…something easy and filling and the kids love it.
Josh is on his own tonight since I’ll be at the Pampered Chef party
unless I get sick :(
Chicken Stew with herb and cheese biscuits
Slow-Cooker Stuffed Peppers with ground turkey breast
(new recipe)
I also have two back up meals in case I have to switch it up.
As far as snacks and treats go, I haven’t given it to much thought. I know I’ll make the Pumpkin Bread recipe…but other than that, not sure.
Chocolate Chip Cookies
What’s on your menu this week?


Tuesday 19th of October 2010

Tomorrow I am going to make some chicken broccoli braids. With broccoli from our garden. (woot woot!) We have pancakes and spam set for Wednesday. Then spaghetti and homemade french bread on thursday.