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Tuesday’s Tidings for April 24, 2012

1. We leave in two weeks for California. My anxiety for the long car ride is starting to set in. Eeek! My kids are thankfully very well behaved little girls, so I’m hoping that for two days of straight driving, they won’t think we’re punishing them to much.

2. Eden has been sick off and on and today, this morning, is the first day she’s woken up acting like her old self! This momma is relieved. I missed her smiles and morning songs so much!

3. Gracie is almost done with school for the year. She has finished her Science and History book and later this week, Letters and Sounds will be done. Which only leaves books left: Language, Cursive Writing, and Arithmetic.

4. I think Grace is a glutton for punishment. She’s requested to have Josh wake her up in the morning even after school is over. I remember what I was like at this age as a kid and all I wanted to do was sleep. I still just want to sleep. So what is wrong with my kid?!

5. I’m getting my hair done today. I haven’t had it done since January. Isn’t it amazing how getting your hair done can make you feel like a completely new woman?

6. Our weekend consisted of a lot of cooking! Seriously, we made so many delicious and healthy meals this weekend. And then Josh got back from working on a church project last night and brought home Taco Bell since our Shrimp Bruschetta didn’t fill us up. We were doing so good with the healthy-ness :(

7. Josh made flat bread on Sunday. It was amazing and I give the boy props for playing with yeast. It can be a little stubborn bugger sometime.

8. Soooo, many of you have heard and seen pictures of my cat Noel. Noel is about 9 months old. Guess what that means…she went into heat on Friday! I swear, I thought something was seriously wrong with my cat until her howling at 4am Sunday morning woke Josh up and he brought the subject up to me! I know it’s like mother nature and what not, but a female cat in heat is not only annoying to listen to, but really uncomfortable to observe. I wish I could of not only blindfolded my kids eyes, but mine as well.  Needless to say, as soon as we get back from California, that cat is getting fixed!

9. Noel is back to her old self again. Which means no more sleeping in the garage for her and we can actually sleep in peace at night again.

10. I got sunburned this weekend. We topped out at 82 degrees Sunday and Monday, and today it’s like in the 60’s and cloudy! What gives?