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I’ve been going to Hospitality and Cooking Classes

Over the last month an a half, I’ve been attending a Cooking Class that focuses on hospitality and cooking. Normally, I don’t do things like this. I rarely venture out on my own and do something just for me…unless you count getting my hair done every 2 1/2 months. Normally, I’m just to shy or nervous. But I met Lisa through her blog- Simply…This, that, and the other a few years ago, and then we got to meet in person too,  not long after that. Lisa has been hosting these classes for sometime now and I finally took the plunge and went to one. At the first class we focused on breads. We made Artisan bread, cinnamon rolls, pizza dough (which I already make, but like seeing what other people do), and dinner rolls. I had so much fun the first time that I could not wait for her to host another one.

I went to another class last Thursday and this time I took Grace with me. I thought it would be a fun experience for her and I to do together and also what a great thing for her to begin learning. She wants to go to culinary school, so I thought this sounded perfect for us. Last week’s class focused on Summer Breakfasts and Hospitality. We made scones (which believe it or not, I had never made before), quiche (which Josh always makes, but Grace was thrilled to be a part of) , freezer jam, and eggs in a basket!

She learned how to grate cheese (which she calls grading cheese), she mashed the berries for the jam, measured out ingredients, and took a lot of notes. She even got started on her own recipe binder!

What I really enjoy about the class is not only that it’s about cooking and I’m picking up all sorts of new information, but that for us as woman, it focuses on how, we can help use these talents of cooking and serving others. It doesn’t just have to be in our own home. We can bake up a batch of scones and jam and deliver it to someone who’s been under the weather and needs some encouragement, or dropping it by someone’s house just because you thought they might like it.

I think cooking has such a unique way of bringing people together, encouraging others, supporting people, and fostering closeness and togetherness. Isn’t that why we all come together as a family at the end of the day and eat dinner and share our stories? I think for Grace, this is so important for her to begin learning. She’s growing into a beautiful lady, and I want her focus to be on other people and how she can help them.

The classes are on break now for the summer, which is a bummer…but I totally understand. Even though I wish there was another one right around the corner. Lisa said she will pick them up again in the fall and I’m really looking forward to it. Grace may not be able to come to all of them if they continue to be on Thursdays because she has Awana that night, but I’m going to try and go to as many as I can. 
I wish everyone had an opportunity like this. It is so neat, and if you have a kid old enough, what a fun thing to do together. 
What fun things are you doing this summer with your kids?