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December’s Cooking Class

Since, Christmas is ONLY two days away, and I’m not planning a weekly menu this week, I thought I would write about the my cooking class for this month that I attended instead of not really having a post at all!

Another beautiful evening put on by my dear friend Lisa! I never tire of these monthly classes. I walk away with great conversations and growing friendships, amazing recipes, and even a few goodies. But more on the goodies later.

We made a spinach dip, layered salad, shrimp and corn chowder, and molasses cookies! All of that complete with an awesome hot chocolate bar with probably the best hot chocolate I’ve ever drank!

I plan on making the hot chocolate soon, but the layered salad I will actually be bringing to my parents house for Christmas Eve dinner…also known as my Birthday!!! ;)

All the food was amazing, of course! I was a little uneasy at first about the corn and shrimp soup because I’ve never had shrimp in soup before, but it was delicious! Lisa made a believer out of me!

Now, onto the goodies…

Lisa, has this cute little shop in one of the bedrooms and she sells some pretty awesome items. Back in October, I bought a teapot set and I use it almost every night. But this time, I bought some parchment paper, which is all perfectly cut to half sheets. I also bought this beautiful lazy susan trio bowl set.

It’s completely vintage and gorgeous! Lisa used one of these herself at a previous cooking class and I fell in love with it! But she got this one at an estate sale and the moment I saw it, I knew I needed to buy it! I see myself serving different jams in it for brunch. Salsa, Guacamole, and sour cream for taco bar nights, and cute little tidbits for ice cream Sunday nights! I love this and I kind of wish I was hosting Christmas just so I could use it.

I’m looking forward to January’s class which is right around the corner and I cannot wait!