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Weekly Menu for Feb 2 – 8

Weekly Menu

Oh my gosh – it’s February! Where did January go? But yet, it feels like January should have been over weeks ago.

Did everyone celebrate the Super Bowl? We were celebrating my father-in-love’s birthday yesterday, so I caught a glimpse of the game here and there.

I don’t know if anyone else gets hit with this at this point in the season, but this is the time of year where I get a little tired of winter and ready for spring. Granted, I love the chilly, sunny wintery days. However, the rain is back, and while I enjoy the rain and love the way it sounds as it lulls me to sleep, I do get a wee bit tired of all the grey. I actually just bought a few springy skirts from Thred Up the other day and just putting them on to make sure they fit (they did!) got me excited. 

Eggplant Lasagna with Garlic Bread

Three Bean Tacos with Rice and Beans

Roasted Garlic Chicken with Lemon and Red Potatoes with Rolls

Homemaking & Hospitality Class

Pizza and Salad

Barbecue Pork Chops with Rice and Green Beans

Tuscan White Bean and Tomato Soup


Tuesday 3rd of February 2015

Wanted soup recipe. Tried search, tried to highlight in menu. Neither worked. Had this problem before...finding recipe in site.

Chelsia Rief

Tuesday 3rd of February 2015

Ya know, this is something I've been giving a lot of thought to lately. My weekly menu is based upon what I am cooking each week at my house, which is why sometimes you will not find links to the dinners I list. Sometimes, they are a recipe I've just concocted and need to try out, others are out of cookbooks. Would it be helpful if I just my menu so that it is just a place to gather ideas and every item has a recipe link instead of what I have now?

Here's the link for the soup. I'm sorry I didn't link to it before.