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Tuesday’s Tidings for February 3, 2015

Tuesday's Tidings


1. We made these tacos last night and they were so so good! Thankfully, I’ve got leftovers, so I’m thinking nachos!

2. What’s your favorite HGTV show? I started watching House Hunters on Netflix while I was folding laundry the other day and I love trying to decide what house will be it! I think it is such a fun concept for a show.

3. Yesterday, I took the kids on a little field trip to Goodwill for some new (to us) books. Grace bought two more Nancy Drew books, Little Women, and a Mary Poppins book – which she was thrilled about. Eden found two Raggedy Ann & Andy books and this cute little book about a cat that thinks it’s a mouse. I found Blink and The Hound of the Baskervilles. Seriously, I love Goodwill for their book section. I have found so many amazing books there. It’s such a great place to build a library.

4. Do any of you watch The Great British Bake-Off? It’s on PBS and it is such a charming reality show. I feel like the main difference between American reality cooking shows and this one is that everyone is so likable and talented and they are all rooting for each other. I haven’t seen one episode yet where someone was talking badly about someone else or trying to purposely ruin someone else’s creation. It’s a great show and I highly recommend that you check it out.

5. This past Friday, we finished the book of Job in our women’s Bible study at our church. I had never read the book and it was so deep. There were so many chapters where their poetry had my head spinning a bit. This week, we started Hebrews…another book I haven’t read. I read the main introduction in my study Bible today, and then read all the noted verses in the 13 chapters our study wanted to read…and my head was spinning again. I’m praying for understanding because today I was just kind of overwhelmed.


1. I finished Killing Patton this week. Have I mentioned how awesome it is to be able to just read books again? It’s so hard to read books that you just want to read while you’re in school because there are so many book you have to read! And, frankly, the books you have to read are never as interesting as the books you want to read. Anyway. It was excellent, and I strongly recommend it. It steers clear of conspiracy theory paranoia, while raising some valid questions and narrating some fascinating battles.


Left Shark Gladiator

3. So, I’m not a fan of televised sports. I love live sports. I’ll attend basically any live sporting event and enjoy it, no matter who’s playing – soccer, baseball, hockey, football, cricket, whatever, I’m there. But I just struggle with televised sports (strangely, golf and tennis hold my attention on TV – try explaining that). Typically, I even skip the Super Bowl. I know. I’m obviously not a real man. This year, though, it was my dad’s birthday on Sunday, and he wanted to watch it, so we sat down, my dad, my brothers, and me, and watched football together. This has not happened often. We all felt very manly (and enjoyed the game, despite the deeply disappointing finish).

4. Guys. There’s a new Jurassic World trailer. I am so stoked for this movie. I can’t help it. Dinosaurs.

5. You can unboil an egg. I have no idea what to do with this information. However, I’m pretty sure Metro‘s incredibly brilliant quiz at the bottom of the article is one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

Unboil an Egg