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Tuesday’s Tidings!

Tuesday's Tidings


  1. I started another “new” book the other week. I got Mere Christianity for my birthday back in December and this is the first chance I’ve had to begin reading it. So far, loving it – though it’s intellectual, it’s not hard to follow.
  2. Our grocery store (we shop at Fred Meyers which is owned by Kroger) has just launched online shopping called ClickList! Have any of you used this feature yet? I tried it out last Friday and it made my life a million times easier. Somethings I’m still having to figure out, but I was impressed and who I came home from the store, I wasn’t exhausted like I usually am. I actually had time to play with the kids! Best Friday EVER!
  3. We get asked about this a lot, so in case you’re wondering, I will tell you kitty caps work! If you aren’t sure what they are, they are little rubber claws that go over the existing claws. I would say they last for two weeks on average. One of our cats doesn’t mind us putting them on her and our other cat just hates them. But it saves our furniture a little bit and some of it is just beyond saving, lol!
  4. For you Gilmore Girls fans, if you haven’t seen this little video yet, it’s kind of a hoot and completely promoting the new Gilmore Girls installment, but who cares because it’s classic Rory and Lorelei!