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Weekly Menu For The Week Of Dec 12th


We had a bit of excitement last week with a little winter storm. It just goes to show how not winter storm ready we are around here – schools shut down, bridges close down, people lose power for days. If this were some place more snowy like…Alaska…I think we would all be more prepared for the weather and how to work around it.

But, I don’t mind a snow day here and there. It was nice having the fire going all day and not really having anywhere to go.

This week the big news is Christian turns FOUR on Saturday! My head is having a hard time with that one. I still so clearly remember him as a little baby. Four years went by fast!! I think we’re just going to have a little celebration at some point over the weekend with homemade macaroni and cheese, which he requested along with a chocolate cake with white frosting. I can’t wait to make it for him!

I think this week’s menu is a good one (including one holdover!). I love everything we’re making and it’s all easy! I’m sure you’re all busy and easy weeknight dinners are the best this time of year.

Look around at some of our other menus if you’re not feeling anything on this week’s menu, and feel free to leave comments below for dinner ideas you would like to see me make or put on the menu or if you have other ideas. Maybe you’d like a dessert idea for the week? I love reading your thoughts and this blog is here to help make cooking more enjoyable for you and your family and get you all around that table! :) I hope you have a wonderful week everyone!