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Tuesday’s Tidings – Pregnancy Update: Week 36

From here on on out, I thought I would do a pregnancy update weekly since we’re getting so close and a lot can change from week to week. We don’t sent these out via email or anything, so I figure only those who are interested and/or currently expecting themselves will click over and read.

Here I am at 36 weeks and 4 days…so very nearly at 37. I have an OB appointment early next week where hopefully we’ll see how things are progressing. Ordinarily, I would have a 36 week appointment, but my OB is on vacation and I opted to wait until my 37 week appointment for the group b strep test instead of seeing a different doctor. I’m assuming I’ll be positive with this baby because I was with the last two pregnancies. The good thing about that is if I go into labor early because of my water breaking or consistent contractions, I just head to the hospital right away and get hooked up to the IV. Good times!

So, here are the answers to what I get asked a lot:

As far as weight gain goes, currently, I’m unsure. I only step on the scale at the clinic and the last time I was there, I was up 4 lbs. But the previous two appointments my weight didn’t change at all. Up until last week I’ve continued working out five days a week. But last week, I only got a few workouts in and they definitely wore me out a bit more. The plan is to keep modifying, but to stay moving.

What to wear! Well…mostly dresses and skirts. People seem shocked when I tell them I prefer to be pregnant in the summer, but…anything to get out of wearing maternity jeans! Pictured: (Not maternity) Lounge pants and Maternity tank (similar here).

For symptoms, it’s mostly a lot of Braxton Hicks! Some contractions are more painful or more frequent than others, but still pretty inconsistent. I feel like baby Ruby has dropped “a little” because, well…pretty uncomfortable. Also, shortness of breath (so clearly she hasn’t dropped enough!), and let’s just say…the WADDLE is real. I’ve become that woman, who waddles around with her hand on the back of her hip.

The nursery is done except for one picture and one shelf! I can’t wait to show you!

I crave salad and water. I made Josh take me to Trader Joe’s last weekend to buy a few premade ones, and they are hitting the spot, especially this one! I’m also drinking this tea in the evenings, too!

How am I feeling? Um, ready to have this baby here! Haha! I’m super uncomfortable and very hormonal. It seems that I cry at least once a day. But…I’m super anxious about delivery. Mine have not been particularly hard, but the pain…there is just no getting around it.

I am loving this sweet little matching swaddling blanket and hat from “A Touch of Excellence” via and these swaddling blankets. So so soft! And of course, cute little “baby bear pink” for the little miss!

Well, I think that’s it for right now! I’ll plan to spill my thoughts and all the feels out here again next week. Rather therapeutic, you know! Happy Tuesday!