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Tuesday’s Tidings – Pregnancy Update Week 38

Okay, so basically at this point I’m more like 39 weeks pregnant. But for the sake of being technical, I’m actually 38 weeks and 5 days. See what I mean? Basically, 39 weeks…give two days. But really, who’s counting. Oh wait, I totally am! Same disclaimer as before – I’m really writing this for a little myself and any pregnant moms out there who might find it helpful. Not expecting that this is of interest to folks looking for recipes

Progress and changes, are definitely happening. I went to my appointment this morning and I am now 5 cm dilated (say what?). I didn’t think it was possible, but I believe Ruby has dropped even lower – so you cannot even imagine how uncomfortable it is to sit and even walk (well, unless you’ve done this before!). My OB went ahead and stripped my membranes this morning and since then I have been crampy and have had more contractions. They are getting really strong, and let’s hope they continue to get stronger because at this point (and I really hate to say it), I’m done.

As far as weight gain goes, it’s not! I’ve actually continued to lose a bit more weight. I weighed in at 143.8 lbs this morning. Again, losing weight at this stage is normal and apparently not concerning.

What to wear! So, I’m kind of done with maternity clothes at this point. Every day, I stand in front of my small maternity “capsule” and try and figure out what is going to fit the shape of my stomach (because at this point, it’s not much because of how far she’s dropped) what will look the most slimming, meaning what will get the least amount of comments. I would live in pajamas all day if I could, but I really don’t. I’ve been wearing this dress a lot. It states that it is a swim cover-up, but it totally works as a dress, but it does run small (I bought an x-small). Also, I do plan on using a postpartum corset/girdle after the baby is born, but I’ll do an update on that later.

For symptoms, much of the same as last week. A combination of Braxton Hicks mixed with regular contractions (and now really strong contractions!) and I believe I can totally tell the difference now. Also, ear stuffiness – I get this every pregnancy, I’m super hot all of the time, and I feel faint easily. So I’m staying indoors, drinking tons of water, and taking it easy. Oh, and crying. Lot’s and lot’s of crying!

Working out? Yes, I still am. Except last week, I also started adding more yoga ball stretches and using the ball to incorporate moves that can help ease your body into labor. Think hip circles and lot’s of ball bouncing, lol! Kind of at that point where you go from being careful about what you’re doing so as not to go into labor to hoping what you’re doing will help kick “pre-labor” into “active labor”!

Things helping me get labor ready are, I’m still drinking a cup of Raspberry Leaf Tea about once a day and Grace made these “Labor” cookies for me and let me tell you, they are YUMMY! I don’t know especially what is so special about them that will make me go into labor, except for the fact that there is cayenne pepper in them…and you can totally taste it. But, Josh is loving them, too – so they are not just for expecting moms to be. Honestly, I would make these cookies whether I was pregnant or not! LOL! We might throw the recipe on the blog for ya, too!

Well, that’s it for now! Here’s hoping this baby shows up soon, because I’m ready!