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Weekly Menu for the Week of March 5th

Weekly Menu | Catz in the Kitchen | | #mealplanIf you follow my Instagram account or the Catz Facebook page, then you know why the weekly menu is late this week (as opposed to last week when life just ran our lives a little crazy…does that make sense?).

Sunday morning we woke up to a text from my sister-in-love who was on her way to the hospital in labor – cue all the family grabbing up their belongings and rushing out of town! Josh’s parents and his other siblings left early that morning and we left later in the day (we had to wait until Grace got back from a beach trip before we could leave). We arrived in Aberdeen, WA with about an hour left before the little one made her appearance.

Since our own little one was pretty tired from a weekend full of activities, we opted to meet our niece the following morning and get some sleep at a nearby hotel. Monday morning, we got to meet Meredith (Meri, for short) and she is just the sweetest and the spitting image of both parents.

Needless to say, we couldn’t stay long, so we got home Monday, late this afternoon and well…you know how it is when you get home from any trip of any length with kids. Laundry!

It feels good to be home, and we are so happy that we were able to make the little trek to see our newest family member. The fun part will be seeing Ruby and Meri get to know each other since there are exactly 6 months between them!

So here it is, Tuesday (technically Monday night), feeling blessed, thankful, tired, and ready(ish) for the week to come.

Let’s get this week going on by making our menus! I’m going to be recipe-testing a new recipe over the weekend, so I linked something else, but everything else is what’s for dinner. All dinners off our own blog this week – keeping it simple, yo!

St. Patrick’s Day is the following weekend, so be on the lookout for a recipe roundup later in the week. But for now, enjoy looking through this Pinterest board for some good ideas. I’m pinning to it regularly, so there are a lot of current recipes on it!