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Weekly Menu For the Week of Aug 27

Weekly Menu | Catz in the Kitchen | | #mealplanIt feels very strange for me to be writing out this menu right now. This is the last week of August. School starts next week and I don’t feel ready at all. And by ready I mean, I haven’t done any school supply shopping! Where has the month gone? Actually, I’m wondering where summer has gone…literally and figuratively. The high temperature has officially dropped to the low 80’s (or 70’s) and it’s raining right now if that tells you anything. I knew I smelled fall in the air last week when I stepped outside. For the first time in I think my whole life, I’m not ready for fall. I’m not ready to let go of the warm summer days and the evening walks that Josh and I take. It’s getting darker out faster and my heart is all kinds of grieving right now.

It’s a mixture of grieving the passing of summer and the coming of Ruby’s first birthday. They both symbolize the time’s forward march of progress, when no matter how much I wish I could make it true, time just doesn’t stand still. I’m not sure if you caught it, but last week on Instagram, I shared that Ruby started crawling. Well, she’s gotten faster on her knees and gained boldness in walking around the furniture. Suddenly, we’re aware that it’s time to baby proof, because the last few evenings while we worked on dinner, it’s been a constant, “Where’s the baby?”

I guess we just can’t leave her and walk away anymore expecting her to stay in the same spot. There’s a whole world out there and she’s ready to see it!

Speaking of how much Ruby is growing up, she’s pretty much over the whole baby food thing, so I’m trying to plan our meals around how can we make them baby friendly. Sunday night we made breakfast burritos for dinner, and she ate everything we ate, minus the tortilla. So it’s just a matter of tweaking the dinners to fit her appetite and that baby teeth situation.

And she’s loving it, too! She even devoured sauerkraut from a Costco sample the other day (I think Costco samples might be her new favorite thing) – very much over baby food.

I’m doing some recipe testing this week (YAY) and I’m happy to say that the recipes we tested out last week were a huge hit! I can’t wait to share with you!! This week’s menu still has a bit of the summer feel to it, but I can definitely feel the shift in the recipes as they edge closer to the autumn season. Grace mentioned that she was wanting more time in the kitchen to cook which is great for me! She’s in charge of picking out at least one new recipe a week to make and this week she chose a Pioneer Woman recipe that we’ve never made before.

As you all approach the Back to School season, I hope you’ll give my new Pinterest board a glance. You might remember that I started a series called “Pantry to the Rescue” and I’ll be pinning some of my pantry favorites to the board all week, as well as including new recipes there as well.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!