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Weekly Menu 7/19-25th…Starting Monday

Well wouldn’t you know it, we finally went grocery shopping. Yes, the long awaited payday/grocery day had arrived…as of Thursday evening. I was so glad it finally came because as of Thursday night…I had no idea what I was going to feed us and I was lucky enough to stumble upon a Chevy’s coupon earlier this week so that was our dinner Thursday night. Today (er, tonight) is Friday and we just finished up the rest of our grocery shopping.

Lately, our regular grocery store hasn’t had the greatest selection of produce :( and since we’ve been gone, no Farmer’s Markets…but we ended up buying our produce tonight at Lambs which is the Wilsonville grocery store and everything is pretty much fresh, local, and gorgeous to the eye. How can you go wrong there? And now that the grocery shopping is complete I can post my Menu for the week. I would post it Monday…But Monday’s are my hectic cleaning days. So I just figured why not get a jump start on the week, eh?

Smoked Sausage Kabobs with Veggie Mix
Grilled Steak Tacos and Mexican Rice
Polynesian Chicken with rice and steamed broccoli
Lemon Pepper Cod with Rice Pilaf and Seasoned Corn
Teriyaki Chicken Thighs, Grilled Potato Salad, and Green Beans
BBQ Cowboy Beans with Homemade Drop Biscuits and a Garden Salad
Spaghetti Carbonara, Garlic Bread, and a Garden Salad
As always the order of the meals is subject to change. But it is my hope that it follows the flow I’ve set for it because I think it would be the most conducive to our week ahead. Saturday and Sunday night, we didn’t eat at home. Saturday Night, Josh and I had our first date night since March, and we had dinner at the Macaroni Grill and Sunday night, we had a family BBQ at my parents house since my cousin was in town from Texas.
Have you planned out your weekly menu yet?