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Weekly Menu 7/5-7/11

We’re back!!! Yeah, were back from the beach, got home yesterday only to turn around and leave again in 2 1/2 days. Were leaving Thursday for California for my Family Reunion. That is going to be a short trip. So because we got back from the beach yesterday (Monday) and were leaving on Thursday, that doesn’t make much of a weekly menu.  So here is the plan for the week.

We walked over to Taco Del Mar for dinner
We might either make Fish Tacos ( I doubt it )
or Breakfast Burritos
Dinner at Josh’s family’s house
his grandparents are in town one last time from Africa
Fast Food I assume on our way out the door for
our long drive ahead of us and then a lot of homey cooking while were gone.
Anything after Sunday
No idea…I have a few things I could make…but really I don’t have a clue.
Have a great week everyone, I hope your 4th of July was amazing!