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No Weekly Menu

I know this is Wednesday and the weekly menu is late. Well that’s because I have no menu for this week. Sorry :( The last two weeks have been very busy. We’ve been dealing with a sick cat and trying to get her better, planning for birthdays and anniversaries along with crazy weeks all together. So I’m taking this week off…as well as next week.

Josh has a whole week of vacation off starting Saturday and were going to spend one whole day and one whole night by ourselves :) and then we might take the kids to the beach for the night and who knows what else. Were leaving our schedule open…which is so nice. The only real definite thing we have on our agenda is cleaning out the garage…doesn’t that sound like fun? We hope to make enough room to put a freezer in their at some point.

If I can…I’ll have Josh blog at some point…but no promises ;)

Have a wonderful two weeks everyone and I’ll see you when I get back!