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Weekly Menu 8/23-8/28

It seems like it’s been awhile since I’ve last blogged. Oh and how I’ve missed it. But, I was off on vacation with my hubby and I wasn’t on the computer much at all and the break from the internet was nice and much needed, but now I’m back with a vengeance, hahaha!

I have many blogs up my sleeve that I can’t wait to share, but alas…our computers are having many issues right now. Both of our computers are 5 years + in age and our Mybook that holds all of our pictures is threatening death and taking all of my archived photos with it. So Josh is desperetely trying to back up all our pics on dvds before our hard drives impending death happens. So, at the moment…with any pics I have taken and saved…I can’t really get too. :( But I do have a few pics from a couple of weeks before that I uploaded to the computer and if I can get Picassa up and running again, I’ll tweek and then proceed to blog what I can. Until then, I’m back with the Weekly Menu.

I know July and most of August’s menus have been a tad uninspired…but that doesn’t mean I haven’t created amazing meals, we have…but the menu is hard in the summer when your not sure where your going to be. With that being said…I have made a menu for this week. It will get better as soon as we get paid again, and do a real shopping trip. This past trip was just a few things with coupons and sales and so I’m making do with what I have around the kitchen and freezer. I will take pics of some of the meals and maybe blog a few when I get a chance.

Grilling Cheeseburgers and I’m making my homemade fries
Grilled Chicken Tacos with a Mexican salsa salad
Honey Dijon Turkey Cutlets with peas 
and baked potatoes
Almond Topped Cod with a Mediterranean Salad
and rice
Cheese and Herb stuffed Chicken Breast 
with garlic potatoes and green beans
I believe is a birthday party…so I’m not planning anything for that night.
I have plenty of ideas for next week’s menu and I’m looking forward to get back into the swing of my kitchen and begin cooking again :)