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Weekly Menu 8/5-8/11

It’s an odd feeling to know that today is officially the first day of school in our neck of the woods and I’m no longer in school and I officially don’t start school with Gracie till next month. I remember so well, the days leading up that first day. I can’t tell you how many outfits I repeatedly tried on to have that perfect “back to school” outfit. My poor parents, lol…I can only imagine what they must of been thinking.

I felt oddly like the parent of a back to school child this weekend. We ran several errands and got Grace some great back to school deals…( oh how I love coupons and saving money) and all in all…we had a really nice, low key holiday weekend ( aside from me being under the weather). But now, the weekend is over and today is Tuesday and Josh is back to work…which makes me sad because I really miss his company…but at the same time, I have that since of relief that my schedule will now become more normal and I can get that stuff done that needed to be done…and though my headache is still lingering…I can’t let it stop me from getting things done…so here is THE MENU!

(Labor Day) we grilled Turkey Pineapple Burgers and we took lot’s of pictures so there will be a blog showing up soon.
Almond topped cod with rice and glazed carrots
( and if my headache isn’t to bad…we’ll go grocery shopping)
Crockpot Minestrone Soup, salad, and garlic rolls
We have our dear friends Jared and Karen flying in from Cali ( we miss them) and were having them over for dinner…Sooo Josh’s Chicken Tacos with beans and rice.
Grilled Chicken Bruschetta…with sides…not sure yet…I might make a potato dish of sorts
As of right now, were set to baby sit my little niece Lacey, so I imagine we’ll be eating out somewhere before we watch her…I think I hear the Never-Ending Pasta Bowl calling my name???
Last week, I did end up making Chocolate Zucchini bread which was so good…I could of possibly died for it and Sunday night, I made myself make Peaches and Cream muffins because the peaches were ripe and perfect…and Josh and the kids loved them for breakfast the last few days. I plan to blog those too…hopefully this week. Of course this is all contingent on my headache…I don’t like to be in front of the computer to much, because it tends to make it worse. 
I don’t have any real plans to make anything this sweet, though I have some lovely little pears I’m trying to find something to do with. Maybe a tart…if I have the energy?? And the Huckleberry Pie…I’m waiting for my mom to come over to help with a pie crust seeing as how I am afraid of it :)
I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!!


Saturday 2nd of October 2010

Okay, I'm doing my twist on your weekly menu...a monthly menu! That's how I do mine since we do our grocery shopping monthly. :) We'll see how I do at this... :)


Wednesday 8th of September 2010

Oh you totally should do a weekly menu!!! I love seeing what other people are doing and you share inspiration that way. Do it Jenn!!!


Wednesday 8th of September 2010

Your menu looks delicious as usual! I've thought of stealing from you and doing my menu of the week too...haha :)