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Weekly Menu 9/12-9/18

Remember those headaches I’ve been telling you guys about? Well we figured out the problem. I’m near and far sighted. I’ve only ever needed glasses for reading in the past, because I had trouble seeing the print when I would be reading. The last time I went to the eye doctor it was in 2006…when I had blonde hair, lol :) Then I was prescribed a lens that would help my eyes and I got pretty Ralph Lauren frames for them. Well, my eyes are no longer that prescription. So my doctor prescribed me new lenses for those glasses…but also a prescription for everyday glasses. These are the glasses I will be wearing when I’m not in front of the computer or reading and stuff. I don’t have to wear them all the time, seeing as though I can see just fine…but not so good up close or far away anymore…( I guess this is me getting older?) but I probably will for the first few weeks so I can give my eyes the rest they really need.

 I fell in love with the first pair of new frames I tried on…and luckily, they were pretty inexpensive as far as frames go but we didn’t really have to pay that much because of our insurance ( Thank you Josh for getting us the best the Bank offers) pretty much covers all of it. The frames I got are like a light brown and they’re the Bebe brand and so cute. I kept wanting to try more…ya know…just to see what else was there…but Josh and the lady who was helping us insisted that these were the ones for me. I’m really excited to get them back.  Yes, that’s right…I don’t have them yet. I probably won’t get them till the end of the week. This means I am really going to try to make an effort to limit my computer and reading time this week until I either get a pair of temporary readers or my new glasses come in early. So if I’m not blogging a lot this is why. As it is right now, I have a headache and it’s funny now, because I can see how my eyes are straining to concentrate on the computer screen.  So there is the update on my eyes, and here is the menu for the week!

My brother’s b-day party
Grilled Chicken Bruschetta with steamed broccoli and baked potatoes
Tuna Casserole and a fruit salad
Maybe leftovers…Josh is having a “boys” night…so I don’t know if that means we will actually eating together or not.
The rest of the week, depends on the weather…
If it’s cold and gross I might through a whole chicken in the crockpot and we will have mashed potatoes and carrots with it.
Attempting my first home-made pizza crust…with pepperoni, olives, and I have some leftover pineapple in the fridge…maybe a salad with it.
This is up in the air still…we may cook or I don’t know…attempt to have a date night…not sure. Or we’ll make Taquitos with the leftover Chicken from the one I cooked in the slow-cooker.
Special treats for the week:
I just was sent a recipe for a pumpkin Nutella bread recipe…so I might make that…
or a mexican chip dip so we can have something snack on during the week.


Thursday 16th of September 2010

I have a really easy and good pizza crust recipe if you want to try it.


Tuesday 14th of September 2010

I'm really nervous about it...but the recipe looked promising especially since it doesn't call for a lot of kneading, lol!

Lindsay Jewell

Tuesday 14th of September 2010

Good luck on the pizza crust! Once you figure it out, it's sooo easy and so much better. :)