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Weekly Menu 9/19-9/25

I would say “Fall” is officially here for us Oregonians. My absolute favorite of all the seasons. It takes my breath away to write this post and know that already it’s September 20th! Where did the month go? In our beautiful neck of the woods here in Wilsonville, the trees are well on their way in the changing of colors. I’ll have to take a picture of it, because it’s so beautiful!

The leaves are already starting to fall, in fact Eden loves to stop and try and pick up every leaf she encounters. It’s pretty cute. We even got caught in our first down pour this weekend. It pretty much rained all weekend long with the exception of maybe an hour here and there. We went grocery shopping Saturday evening and on our way home it started to rain so hard. We all made a mad dash to our apartment door…I was pretty soaked by the time I got to the door because I was wearing heels, lol! But nothing a good fire and pajamas can’t fix. I just felt bad for Josh because once he got us all inside the apartment, he had to go back out in the rain and bring in the groceries. He’s so good!

Next week we’re going to be on vacation! We are all so excited! We’re going to Sunriver and we’re hoping to leave for the Cabin on Monday. We’ll be gone the whole week! It’s been years since Grace has been there…I think she was 2 1/2 the last time she was there and that means Eden has never been there. I think the kids are going to have a blast. The wonderful thing about Sunriver is that it’s not a fast paced place. It really forces you to slow down and enjoy every moment which is what were looking forward to doing as a family…and so far the weather is looking real good too. That being said…Most likely there will not be a weekly menu for that week. Were going to be bringing a lot of food with us so that we can make some meals, but were also going to be eating out a bit. But, I do have a menu for this week. I have 8 possible dinner meals for this week…Impressive, I know. And I think I have figured out which meals I’m going to be using.

The kids ate Chicken nuggets from Wendy’s and I don’t remember what I ate, lol
BBQ Chicken Sandwiches (slow-cooker) with
my mom’s macaroni and cheese and green beans
Tuna Casserole and a fruit salad
Josh will make Chicken Taquitos 
( with the leftover chicken from the whole chicken I made last week)
with maybe some beans.
I think we’re going to my in-laws house, to have dinner with them, since they are leaving for Cali on Saturday for a week.
The Homemade Pizza- rolled over from last week
I’m leaving this day open. Josh has a bank meeting in the morning till 1pm and then he is probably going to need to work on his message since he’ll be preaching at church Sunday…and we have a pest control people coming out…and we may begin the packing process as well as grocery shopping. I have a roast I could throw in the crockpot or I could make Spaghetti. 
Special Treats
I didn’t actually make any last week. I tried to avoid a lot of reading and stuff without my glasses ( which I now have) and so I might try to make that pumpkin bread. I’m not sure though.