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Weekly Menu 11/8-11/14

I’m not to thrilled that the weekend is already over. It went by wayy to fast :( Does anyone else feel the same way?And to make things even more busy/complicated, it was Daylight Savings Time!

Josh worked his first Saturday in over 8months at his new branch in Salem from 9-2pm and then he came home, and changed his clothes and then he and I went to a wedding of a friend who also works for the bank. The wedding was out in a Vineyard…also in Salem ( Yes, Josh drove to Salem twice in one day) and we had such a wonderful time. Our friend, the Bride was gorgeous, and the set-up was all Italian which was really fun. I got to wear my new dress I bought a few weeks ago and it was so nice to just get dressed up for once :)

Sunday, we got our hour of sleep back…but Josh and I woke up around 4am and talked for a few hours and fell back asleep till 8am and then got ready to go to church. We had breakfast at Starbucks on our way up and it was so wonderful. Church was great, and afterwards we came home, changed, and checked out the brand new Goodwill…which was my idea, not Josh’s. ( He Hates Goodwill.) Josh made dinner Sunday night and we picked up a few ingredients at the store and came home. The kids played and Josh worked on dinner while I uploaded my pics to the computer and listened to the jazz music streaming in through Pandora…and when dinner was done, we sat down and ate while we watched Toy Story 3…Super cute, sad movie! I was balling my eyes out like a 2 yr old, lol!

But now it’s Monday, and I’m wishing it was still Sunday. How about you. Did your weekend go by fast too?

Harvest Ham, with cut up sweet potatoes and carrots in the crockpot
We have lot’s of leftovers that need to be eaten
The leftover ham will make for delicious Omelette’s with a baby red potato hash
(Awana Night)
Stuffed Shells and rolls
Turkey Chili and cornbread
I think we’ll be celebrating my brother in law’s b-day that night so we’ll probably have dinner with them.
Chicken with Mustard Gravy, Corn, and mashed potatoes.
I had a lot of dinner options this week, but because we’re doing a really small grocery trip tonight, I’m going to do a lot of meals in which I don’t need to buy anything for. I think next Sunday, we’ll do our bigger trip.

I never made the free-form apple tart. It was a rough week and for most of the week I was fighting something off. But since my parents babysat the kids for us at our place on Saturday, I used the apples to make an Apple Crisp for them for dessert.
Pumpkin Bread
( from what I remember last year, my BIL really liked the one I made, so I’ll make him a loaf to share on his b-day)